Medieval or Fantasy anyone…

Sometimes you meet some interesting people when you least expect it like when I was at the Gacha Garden I met couple interesting people like “CheesyBeacon” yes that is exactly what I said and Fenn MacMoragh who is a fan of Jian’s creations especially the kittens…if you are like me I read profiles wanting to know who this person is, what they like, etc. Come to find out he is a builder, a creator, a designer so this light bulb went off in my mind why not do a blog post on him…so I set about writing some questions on a notecard to pass along to him and let him tell you about his shop and how he got there…Fenn MacMoragh is the creator of MacMoragh an Gabha  

Question ~ How did you get into creating/designing on SL ~ Well, I needed a pair of boots; wasn’t happy with what I was seeing so a friend gave me some full perm to play with. Then after the boots, I needed a kilt and didn’t like all the Gorean style long kilts. Then I wanted a sword… and from there to now I haven’t stopped…

Question   ~ When did you start your store ~ I opened my first store in 2009 on a Sim I was GM on… it was called MacMoragh’s Hold then I went in to partnership with this great lady and we named our shop MacMoragh & Muse, we worked under that name for around 7 years, recently split up and I have re-branded as MacMoragh an Gabha. “an Gabha” is gaelic for “the Smith” because i consider myself a weapons builder primarily. 

Question ~ What would you like my readers to know about your store and your items ~ I pride on customer service. I have had too many bad customer service experiences and I do not want my customers to have a bad experience. 

Home of MacMoragh an Gabha

A very regal looking building that houses not just weapons for those wanting to venture into medieval or fantasy but Fenn also creates clothing for male and female and I was honored to show off one of his latest creations that will be coming to his store

Ilisa ~ Lace 

Yes this is 100% mesh and he has made various sizes along with those for mesh bodies like Maitreya and Slink ~ let me show you the back that I just love how it looks as you can see a peek of my skin as I am turning ~

Back view of Ilisa 

Whether you RP or just like a very sexy dress this dress is it  ~ from the plunging neckline to the draping of the back it is going to be a dress YOU want for yourself or guys maybe you want to see your special lady wearing this…I know hubby gave it two thumbs up as a winner…As I went over to meet Fenn at his store he had a very extremely handsome Elf for me to say hello…


Fenn MacMoragh and Faerdhinen Drauchir

I received the royal treatment as this is just not a store he has made an area to the side of the store that he welcomes all to come, relax and enjoy the beach he has set up…

Macmoragh Beach

Oh yes Fenn did point out that this is an “Adult” sim so nude bathing is permitted ~ am chuckling to myself but I did decline that offer ~ the beach has a nice outdoor bar, areas to cuddle and just relax…He has also set up a “Memorial Garden that you can sit and just take a moment in time just to remember someone you might of lost ~

Memory Garden

Fenn has his store also listed on Marketplace if you are inclined to look there first ~ and please take time to check out his weapons like the one below

Very realistic Sheath 

I really enjoyed speaking with Fenn and appreciate his taking time to show me around along with giving me the honor of showing off his latest item of clothing ~ I wish him much success with his business and my wish that for those that are into Fantasy/Medieval takes a wander over to his store ~ that said it is always nice to discover business and if you have one that you would like myself or Dena to come and review please send us a notecard inworld ~ thank you to my readers and followers that do take time to read, like and comment it is so appreciated…till next time that I will be telling you about my latest news and Dena is back with “In her Closet” for you….till then hugzz and remember life is too short to hate..





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