That’s What I call Pop….

Opening Curtain ~ Love it 

Yes that is what the latest performance name at Oval Theater is called and premiered Monday but due to my horrid cold I was not feeling my best and just came back yesterday when I could fully enjoy the show ~ if you have not made it to one of their performances there is still time as they are having 2 more shows on the 12th and the 14th both are at 1pm SLT ~ oh don’t be late as there is a max number of seats and each time I have been there it has been a full house ~ get early so you are not turned away ~ onto the Review ~ this whole production was under the leadership this time of Chris Gracemount who was the producer & director for this show…Great job Chris and I know all the hard work you put into this showed…The first number always sets the tone and “Single Ladies” just had me singing along with them and chair dancing ~ the whole cast was included in that number ~ from the sparkling set to the great costumes you just knew this would be a great show and it just kept on coming…

Chris singing his heart out….
Saturday nite Dancers 

Even the makeup and overall look was to perfection ~ from the cute towels they wore to cover up to all the girls wearing cucumbers on their eyes to the mud masks…So well coordinated…

Another delish song and set to compliment 
Richy Entertaining us…

This set had everyone ooohing and aaahing and course Richy out dancing and singing ~ just was a great number…

Had everyone dancing to Uptown Girl 

As I was perving around the audience I noticed someone just dancing next to their seat and hey knowing me had to just get a pic as he truly was enjoying the performance and having a great time as well…

Tek Karfield couldn’t stop dancing 🙂 
Plenty of Pink…

Singing I’m a Barbie Girl with Chris & Red and Beez ~ cute cute number and great dancing…the Pink set was awesome!

Can you guess what song…

Think hard now as I will give you a hint look at the Chameleon that is the biggest hint and nope won’t tell you but Steve did an excellent job in this ~

Finale ~ Living for Love 

With everyone on stage for the final number your hands were numb from clapping and applauding as you listened to the final song…The entire performance lived up to its name “That’s What I Call Pop” ~ absolutely no doubt that all of them deserve a standing ovation not just one but several…From the conception to this so much work is put in ~ songs to choose, costumes, sets and of course all the dance moves ~ doesn’t happen overnight either but when that first curtain opens it all comes together like magic….Thank you to Chris and the entire performance team for another great show ~ and do you need a limo for tomorrow’s performance well just click HERE ~ remember both shows start at 1pm SLT and huge suggestion is get there fairly early to make sure you have a seat…ENJOY an till next time please stick around as Dena and I have lots more to show and tell…..hugzz ~ remember life is too short to hate..

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