Traveling again….

Today am here at this Spanish Lullaby Tropical Beach ~ where you can see the Spanish influence is very prevalent as you walk around looking at the different houses ~ now be warned this is an Adult community that you just might see some nudity and if you are wanting to find a beach that permits you to be “Au Natural” this just might be what you are looking for ~ am a tad shy when it comes to strutting around totally naked with the xception if hubby is with me ~ RL I absolutely am not any kind of nudist *laughing* as I have been to one such a beach in my entire lifetime and those that you did see you really did not wanna see if you get my drift * anyway this beach is gorgeous with the white sandy beaches and a nice place to sit and enjoy a drink or I what I just found…..Ice Cream vendor..

[Aleutia]Summer Melody  ~ Lahaina
I could not describe this any better than what the designer has said so will quote her for the description “The gorgeous halter top features a seductive wrap-style that shows
off your figure to its best advantage. The chic maxi-skirt is rendered in coordinating fabrics with a form-fitting waistband and a contrasting bow sash that gives way to the elegant skirt. Each fabric in the collection has been carefully chosen to evoke the beauty and ambiance of true “aloha” in Hawaii’s exotic flowers and vibrant colors.” It is available in 12 different print colors or you can if you wish purchase the fatpack…

Aleutia ~ Plumeria 

Wearing another color that is just as vibrant called “Plumeria” and taking time out to sip on a Coconut Drink courtesy of Les sucreries de Fairy that is also featured at Aloha Fair ~ this is one of her commons that you MUST look for in the Gacha’s ~ she has a really nice variety from this one to the hair adornment

Flowers in my Hair 

Adorable flower isn’t you can almost smell the fragrance if you get close enough…another common that you might just win ~

Little Aloha Girl 

Is also another common that you could win ~ she is cute isn’t she?  I thought so as well as a keeper…but here is the pic of all the gacha’s that you can try to win…

Aloha girl Gacha ad
Les sucreeries de Fairy

Lot of goodies to try and win ~ now my outfit would not be complete without some sandals either that are sold separate but they are so comfy and very fashionable as well color coordinated to match these outfits ~

Luau Breeze Sandals in Mango ~ Slink Flat 

Made of a nice leather with suede detailing as again I am taking the description from the creator as I myself could not describe it any better…Really love the detailing and how it is just the perfect accessory to complete this outfit..Also in 12 colors so you can make sure each outfit has the perfect sandals to wear with them..These are also by [Aleutia] from her Aloha collection..

Just another reminder that time is nearing to a close for the Aloha Fair so please don’t sit and wait to the last moment and realize you have missed out on some great items that I have been showing you … take this TAXI and walk around ~ REMEMBER there are some gifts either free or a dollarbie so you gotta check those out right?  Thank you to Aleutia for letting me show off these gorgeous outfits and to  Fairy stourne  for her gacha items as well…to my readers and followers again my appreciation for taking time out to read my blog post ~ hugzz and till next time life is just too short to hate…


Skin ~ Glam Affair *Amberly*, Body by Maitreya, Hands & Feet by Slink, Hair by Runaway, Nail/Toe Polish by [ZOZ] *Angel-Pale Pink*, Shape my own tweaked over time a lot…. Outfits and gachas all at Aloha Fair 





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