Its Not What you Think…

Today was going to be a showing of some of the Stuff hunt along with some comments that I felt needed to be addressed ~ but RL got in the way this early morning with a well deserved bike ride to grocery shop and mowing the lawn that I think I sweated off at least 1/2 pound *giggling* ~ am sure you all know how that goes thinking hey all that sweating must be losing lotz of weight but scales well shrugging they just barely move…and hey I know its me being semi lazy about walking and exercising but seems I over did it at least that is what am hearing and now I have developed plantar fasciitis and it truly is painful coming from someone who is not a wuss to pain ~ rather is getting old that am doing what I can to baby and assist this till it gets better but over walking is not something they advise..that is why am doing a lot more bike riding ~ anyway nuff of my moaning and going on an on about stuff you would rather not know…..So what am I going to show you today *grinning* well my sexy sweet hubby got us a new bathroom set YAY  as our bathroom was on the practically bare with just a tub sitting there ~ never heard of this store before now “Furniture 011” but I am simply in love with this and why not tell you all about it ~ let me start with some pics and go from there

Market Place Ad 

This is what you get with the Bathroom Set ~ does it not look really nice ~ please click here to check out all the specifics ~ comes from Furniture 011 with the creator being Jasmina Weezles ~ let me show you a little closer detail ~


Before any one gets into a tither we are both fully clothed in all shots ~ just wanted to clarify that ~ well we do not have suits and dresses on but no naughty bits were exposed in the making of this blog post …. The tub has some great poses in it and not all are sexual either but there are plenty to choose from even one entire scene ~ the movements are done well ~  I placed the plants as you can move things around as well as the rug with the slippers ~

Side by Side Sinks 

Love the side by side sinks and mirrors ~ from brushing your teeth to shaving and a lot of other things to discover that makes this dual sink a fave of mine…you can do it together or separate ~ very cute ~ see told you we were dressed *chuckling…notice the hand towel racks and the dressers that I placed beside on both ends…oh yes and the rug in front because who wants to stand on a cold wood floor early in the morning …

Shower for one or two 

Again look at all the accessories that come with this shower ~ the bathrobe, to the shampoo, and bath towel…pssst see still dressed ….. again not all sexual but some really nice playful animations, but if you are interested in that there are a total of 43 sexual ones for you to try out….and please no no comments on what I have or haven’t tried that is TMI for you to know *grinz

The Toilet 

Ok hubby was not thrilled on putting this out BUT…..Oh my golly I absolutely cracked up and still laugh at all the different poses LOL ~ plus comes with props as well as you can see I was very very busy reading …..and YES again am wearing a bikini to hide all my bits that you need not see ~ for all what I have shown you its only 45 prims, which I think is excellent ~ my suggestion is hey go to the store and try them out as there was a different one that was a little more masculine in colors but Sten and I both settled on this color as the tones were softer and more appealing as a bathroom …and hey you gotta go try out that toilet even if you don’t wanna buy the set you will crack up laughing at least I did and hubby did as well as bestie ~ hey couldn’t forget her could I?

Here is your Limo to Furniture 011 just click HERE to be taken to their showroom ~ ENJOY ~ that’s it for today and for tomorrow well am headed to get some sun and surf as it will be a great beach day for me in RL ~ but when I get back will be showing off some great prizes from the Stuff Hunt and some thoughts about hunts, gifts, etc….till then HUGZZ and thank you for taking time to read, to like, to comment and to be a follower of my blog post….remember life is to short to hate… ♥♥


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