Hawaii Bound……

Yes am off to explore the islands of Hawaii ~ where the water is so blue, and crystal clear you can just feel like you are in a slice of heaven…the bright blue cloudless sky, palm trees swaying in the breeze and a taste of those luscious coconut drinks that you know some bartender will have waiting for you ~ are you ready to visit a couple of the islands I found…lets gooooo

First up is the Fruit Islands that is for public with Surfing and Kayaking ~ little note if it had of gone well you would of seen a pic of me paddling around in this cute kayak…needless to say that was a complete bust ~ waves over took me and I managed to save myself from drowning …….sheesh but let me show you the before my little adventure..

Summer Beach outfit by Rir 

As I study those immense waves thinking to myself I can do this gripping that paddle tightly and showing you this cute 1 piece outfit complete with a really nice Hud with a variety of 6 colors including the one I am wearing…

Front View and see the Kayak…

Well the waters looked fairly calm guess they do not warn you about those umm vicious surfing waves that do not care you are in this little boat…I like the design of this swimsuit ~ since not all bathing suits need to show all ~ its cute and try the white if you get it as am not showing it LOL yes being bratty and showing just one color…ha ha make ya go see Rir at the Fair…thanks to Relitha Byron  for letting me show this adorable beach suit off…oh before I leave you really should check Fruit Islands out ~ gorgeous beach, surfing for those that surf and some great photo ops as well…off to next Island as did you know that Hawaii is made up of over 100 islands but is really only know for 8 of them and out of those 8 only 7 are inhabited ~ still on my bucket list to visit Hawaii some day ~ from friends telling me the orchids are gorgeous, the birds are colorful and food is on the pricey side since a lot of their meat and other items are flown in daily…


Dress Flamingo by {Mishchino}

.As we land on the Island of Kona Beach ~ home of the huge Surfing Waves…Saying on this dress is so adorable ~ and another reason why I just love doing events it gets designers names out like this store {Mishchino} ~ a name that I have never heard about but after today I will make it my goal to go and check out their store as I love the items they have for this event…btw let me show you a close up of this so you can read it LOL

Be A flamingo in a flock of pigeons 

Is that a fantastic saying ~ go for it and stand out ~ little story that will throw in about myself in the umm real world that it ok am gonna date myself but it is probably over eons lets just say that and I wanted something different so front half my bangs to just back of my ears was blonde and the rest was a light brown…2 tone and OMG the looks, the stares, the nudges I got from this as again it was just not done back then…but it was me for a long long time till I started seeing more and more people copying me that am like was not unique so I just let my hair go back to all blonde ~ true true story so I love that saying …

Alena Outfit w/Hippie Print 

Yes standing in front of couple long boards as well as short ones…no time to do some surfing and hey that I can do fairly well ~ my first bf back in 2008 was a surfing fanatic and I had so much fun learning all about the sport ~ RL not so much ~ tried it a couple times, ended up losing a top half of suit in the waves along with getting more sand in my places you just do not want sand ~ took forever to get it out of my hair ~ but in SL no worries about all the umm sand *giggling* Anyway this outfit is a cute, comfy and looks great on…Mish Copphen owner/creator of all these great items…a great variety of sizes and an even better selection of choices like these dresses I have showed you …

Pretty Dolphins Necklace ~

This interesting necklace that I just really am intrigued by comes from !IT! ~ there are first a variety of different sets to choose from and also each set comes with Earrings and Necklace as well as a Hud to change it even more ~ the one am showing off is from Set 3 ~ as also the creator has included a very cute hair adornment in the shape of a starfish that no again can’t give everything away to you ~ just will have to travel to see *giggling ~ Two of the popular Hawaiian Islands that I will be going back more and more to explore and grab a surfboard this time do some surfing…Have you enjoyed seeing all that Aloha Fair has to offer ~ am having so much fun trying things off then going off to find a place to show them to you ~ hugzz till next time when Dena and I are doing the Stuff Hunt and well I have some words on that *chucking* till then be good to one another as life is way too short to hate…..Here is your TAXI to Aloha Fair 

Credits are Body ~ Maitreya, Hands & Feet by Slink, Hair today Victoria Special by Virtual Diva, all shot on various locations that gave you the LM’s ~ thank you to the creators from !IT, {Mishchino}, Rir ~ and to all my readers, followers,bestie and every sexy hubby that supports and encourages me.…..HUGZ!!!


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