Location, Location, Location

Today there is no location ~ I know I know that is not what the header said but needed to put some time in on my so out of control inventory and while doing that I have found some marvelous things like the studio that I plopped down and used for these next outfits from Aloha Fair…found also some great props and poses that will be using in upcoming blogs as well will be trying to set up scenes worthy of these fabulous clothes but I still hope that you take time to go out and rediscover what SL does have to offer ~ first up is from Karla Boutique a hot hot summer dress that is just scorching….

Souffle Dress by Karla Boutique

A very daring dress called Souffle by Karla Boutique that will get you remembered as the night goes on or when you first step onto that dance floor ~ truly one that you cannot be shy about wearing ~ it is very revealing but perfect for those Hot August nights that are coming up ~ if you have ever been to New Orleans during August you would know what am saying when I say steamy..even at 1am the temps never go down and those frozen drinks just slide down so perfectly…just like this dress will slide right on as she has provided sizes in Standard as well as the Mesh bodies like for Maitreya that I wear ~ fit is absolutely divine…she has other dresses as well as prices that are strictly for this event…some 30%, some 50% but you need to get yourself over to the Fair and check her store out to see what is what…as I show you a close up of the fabric am also showing off that tattoo by Rir Life as one of their items they have for the Fair…

Dreamcatcher Bling

Tattoo by Rir Life ~ with appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink its called “dreamcatcher bling” I like the placement and the looks ~ goes on both arms

Back View of Tat ~
Gift from KL Couture

Remember I had mentioned some designers do have gifts for you either a dollarbie or freebie…this is one from KL Couture  the entire set from the earrings and necklace ~ unique and very interesting a bold set that will compliment your outfit whether it is a gown or one of her sexy mini dresses ~

AFI Designs ~ BabyDoll

This is such a cute shorts outfit in peach but as the designer also told us there are 3 other colors as well ~ Mint, Pink and Yellow and I do have to show you the back of the shorts cuz I had a chuckle an they just set off the entire outfit…

Back of the Babydoll shorts

Is that a cute idea for the back pants pockets and if you cannot make out the words it says “Butts” in an adorable lacy heart…fit is great as it is 100% mesh in a size that will be perfect…

Oceanna Sandals by Slipper 

Here is the other item that Slipper has made exclusive for the Fair with that gorgeous hud you can change everything about the shoes from the type of metal to the soles..and it just matched those Babydoll shorts and top perfectly…

Having shown you two different summer outfits that are exclusives for the Aloha Fair along with those cute summer sandals and the gift ~ let me provide you the Taxi so you can make your way over and grab these items up before the Fair ends ~ Nine days left and there is still a lot of stuff to show you ~ walk around and try out the demo’s and look for the gifts and hey maybe even try some gacha machines…hugzz and take care till next time keep cool…before I leave please let me say thank you again to all the designers that have given me the opportunity to show off their fantastic items……THANK YOU!!

Credits ~

Hair is by ExileLife Won’t Wait”  that I snatched up at the Hair Fair ~ was a male hair but once I tried it on am liking how it looks ~ never be afraid to go outside your comfort zone…Body by Maitreya, Skin is Glam Affair ~Amberly, Eyes by Ikon, Hands and Feet by Slink and shape is my own tweaked a lot…and all shot on location at my private residence…

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