Into My Closet I go ….

Its nearly the end of summer.. so with that in mind I thought I would dig into my closet to show you some things you still have time to wear before Autumn is here…Although we still have some sunny days left I’m sure…:) Also I think I chose a really great place to show off this outfit ~ even though summer is ending a walk along the beach is a good way to clear the cobwebs out of your brain…so follow me to Audionville Amusement Park  so I can show you sights, fun things to do and this outfit I chose ~

Audionville Amusement Park

As I walk along the shore listening to the sounds of laughter and screams of  of people on rides and having fun or paddle your feet in the water I decide to have my own fun and stop to build a sandcastle ~ who does not love sandcastles…

Me & Sandcastle

As you can see the gorgeous neckline of this dress “Lunatic” that is by Yeliz  ~ sadly this was a Promo Dress and as I went back over to the store to hunt to see if I could find it for you my trip there I was not very fruitful ~ yet I did discover they now have a huge discount area where you can find a lot of the older styles for bargain prices…as they say good quality styles never go out of style…as you can see this dress is something I purchased over a year ago…Picking myself up and brushing off the sand I decided was time to look over at the rides that they offer…from the Boat Swing that looks like  Captain Nemo’s boat “The Nautilus” or for the brave “The Big Wheel” not for me as I am not good with things that high…well I take that back as I did try the scariest ride in here and that is the Columbiad Moon Cannon..shoots you straight to the moon…. HEY I got pics!!

Columbiad Moon Cannon

Just wait after you climb up those stairs this thing does not give you any time to really get situated and you are off ~ as you scream and scream it goes faster and faster till you land..YUP on the moon

On the Moon

Told ya I had proof ~ plus now you can see how gorgeous this dress truly is ~ can you see the skull pattern mixed in with the bottom design ~ so well done and I like the added flare of the bottom in the solid black ~ even though this dress is not available please do not that stop you from going to check out Yeliz other clothes ~ btw they have some great group gifts every month and that huge discounted area now…For the rest of what am wearing will start at the top with this short, sleek hair from Elikatira called “Cassidy” that I did snatch during her moving cross country sale ~ 100% mesh and has great range of colors to choose from…Now down to those shoes that my apologies I did forget to tell Starr to get a close up for you but am sure you will see them in later posts ~ but these gorgeous heels are from KC Couture called “Brazilia” that you will not have to worry about fit as they are in various feet sizes ~ these are still very much available either at Marketplace or at the Inworld Store that I gave you the LM up above…You have a great Hud with a selection of 30 color choices as well as different metals making these a go to shoe ~ Whew found the TP to get myself back down to earth and now I need to say goodbye…

Back View of Dress

Plus give you a nice view of how this dress looks from behind…Was a nice evening spent walking around and enjoying the sights so make sure you take a chance and come yourself to check it out …oh need the taxi again ~ here it IS  ~ enjoy !!  Stick around as am sure Starr has more to show you from the Aloha Fair…Hugs from me Dena

.:Glamorize:. First Impression Eye Makeup – Carolina Blue
Pud’s Very Subtle Bounce Physics 
.:KC:. BRAZILIA for SLink High Feet
Izzie’s – Mesh Alpha Lashes
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Slink Avatar Enhancement Feet High 
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual
[e] Cassidy
-Belleza- Mae ~ Group Gift 
IKON Vanity Eyes – Lavender 

Shot strictly on location of Audionville Amusement all pics were done by Starr Ghost ~ 

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