Today is the Day …..

Today I take my hair off and wear a Bandana to support “Wigs for Kids” as I hope each of you will do today ~ did you know the feeling of losing your hair when you are a child…I tear up when I read the story of how “Wigs for Kids” came to be ~ one simple man Jeffrey Paul could not just let his 15 year old niece down making her a promise that she would have hair for her gym tryout when she was struggling with leukemia…this man took it upon himself to research how to do just that as he was a Hair Stylist and not just any typical stylist but a internationally well known who worked with high fashion models on the runways to movies sets and became the founder of Wigs for Kids…now 30 years later he is still dedicating his life to helping children ~ Did you know it cost $1,800. for one wig has each strand of hair is hand tied into a specific wig cap to withstand the rigors of a child…each wig consists of approximately 150,000 strands of hair, which is approximately 20 ponytails ~ the good news is the family of the child never is asked to pay for this at all ~ the results are amazing as a child who suffers from a number of medical issues gets their confidence back and in today’s society where a child is bullied and laughed at for being different truly helps…so won’t you?

Dena & I showing off 
Closer look at our choice of Bandanas

Each Sim at the Hair Fair  has a store for all the Bandana’s so if you land and find one it will have all the same Bandana’s and you won’t have to go to a different sim ~ I love butterflies and this one was perfect as they remind me of angels ~ Dena chose a sportier version with the sunglasses that blend in nicely…The cost for one is only 50L with all monies raised going directly to the Wigs For Kids Organization ~ Last year Second Life raised 18,515 ~ is that amazing!!!  And yes very believable because on SL Wigs for Kids website there are thank you letters from past years ~ please click HERE for a chance to read the thank you letters and find out more….

Today is the last day of Hair Fair and as typical the day everyone removes their hair to show you care and help these children ~ my thanks to this dedicated committee members that worked so hard to put on one of the best Hair Fairs I have seen in years…kudos to Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx and Mel Vanbeeck ~ thank you for letting me part of this…As well as thank you to each of the Hair Designers/Creators that gave us such fabulous hair to choose from and the nice gifts as well…..THANK YOU !!!

Please stick around tomorrow as Dena grabs deep into her Closet to show you and take you to another place to explore in SL ~ hugzz

Hair Fair Locations

Back Lot West  , Back Lot North , Back Lot East , Back Lot Central   ~ you will find a Bandana Booth that displays the same Bandana’s at each Sim ~


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