Off to more and more beaches…

It is so interesting discovering new places to explore and some really have made it to my “go back list” just to spend time walking around, taking pics of the landscapes ~ but in my mind when I blog items it is all about them ~ trying to give you a lot of sometimes my thoughts or what I would like to know if I am just looking at just the image of say a dress…some of my downtime I look at flickr either getting idea’s on places to go or poses or even at times attire whether its hair, clothes or accessories and it is always nice to see a blog that gives you just that ~ so yes am rather chatty for the most part but this is who I am ~ anyway found 3 more beaches to show you along with some of the outfits that are at the Aloha Fair ~

Gypsy Chic ~ Long Halter Dress ~
Gypsy Chic ~Long Halter Dress 

First place I landed was at Mediterraneo OC  a gorgeous Mediterranean seaside being able to watch the fisherman, stroll through some of the gorgeous sailboats and look at the crystal clear water… and there was some nice eye candy that umm I did glance at ~ hey am very happily married but doesn’t kill ya to peek over there ~ grinning ~ this Halter Long Beach Dress by Gypsy Chic is very rich in colors and you have a nice Hud of 4 other colors to choose from..making it either a nice evening dress or casual daytime wear ~ Hair am wearing is by ExileFull of Grace” ~ like the up sweep of this hair with this gorgeous dress…

[*K*} Kate Crystalline Watch ~ Rose 
And you can see that I added this unique watch as the only accessory to the outfit besides my rings…an elegant watch that you can resize and change time if you wish…color just really compliment my skin tone along with the colors of the dress ~ and ready to hop to our next destination…

Rasta Sand ~ Surf, chill, eat some ice cream at Rasta Sand. Take a C-3 surf board on Tahiti waves, explore the coast, jungle or tiki house. There’s even a dance spot, ride-able butterflies and more… One of the places that will come back to find those ride-able butterflies…

Monomania ~ Aloha Ocean

This Aloha Ocean beach dress by Monomania  has such great movement as you can see above ~ another halter style dress that whether it is day or night you will have no concerns as to looking out of place when you wear this ~ sizes come in standard mesh, fitmesh and also for those that wear other type bodies like Maitreya and others…there will be one that will fit so have no worries…Course I changed my hair to Magika “Hearts Like Ours” ~ they had a super 50% off sale that shrugs just could not pass up …ok ok am becoming a hair whore because when I first came to SL I wore the same hair gawd knows for how long ~ I was so stuck in a rut never wanting to change anything about myself and isn’t that what SL is about going outside your comfort zone and try, experiment and just go for it …but that said I still am picky but the hair just flows with this dress…

Last stop is at Haeundae Beach in the Korea Beach Village    one of the best tourist attractions of South Korea. Here you’ll find lots of spectacles like old Korean villages of
the 1970s and 1980s. Take a trip to these isolated islands that await you!  Sadly I did not spend a lot of time here BUT this will be one that I will make a point to come back to take some pics as the surrounding area looked simply gorgeous

Hibiscus Bandana Top & Shorts 

Behind is the shower room *giggling you just well have to see it * there is a lot to see and actually do here ~ oh YES they have this bungee jump that scared me to death and NOPE no pics of me screaming as I was hanging upside down…..whew but let me give you a close up this outfit…but back to the outfit is a really gorgeous top and shorts courtesy of ArisAris/B&W ~ called Hibiscus Bandana Top & Shorts ~

ArisAirs/B&W ~ Bandana top & Shorts 

The fit is so perfect and a keeper in my book with the HUD that has 7 different choices for the top and 3 for the shorts…100% mesh and enough variety of sizes as well that you won’t have any issues of fit…and yes hair is by Magika *Drive*…told you was 1/2 off sale…

Slipper ~ Flip Flops ~ Gift 

Remember told you there are gifts at this event well those cute flip flops are from Slipper and fit Slink Flat ~ so big shout of thanks to Slipper for the adorable gift…Sometimes it just is nice window shopping at events even if you are broke as a lot of designers put out a dollarbie or even a freebie and for me if it reflects what they make or it is of nice quality I will remember that designer ~ also very good marketing idea ~ ok and last item to show

Kate Color Black Watch

Again this is a great little accessory by Kate ~that can just put the final touch ~ you have the option to make the band shiny or not, resize or not and change the time if you so choose…

Now all these items are strictly at The Aloha Fair and some are exclusive to the fair so not to be pushy but….probably not the best idea to procrastinate if you see something as it is a 2 week event and some of the prices might just go up after this event ~ plus who doesn’t like a nice freebie or a dollarbie ~ take my special TAXI and go see for yourself…thank you and please let me say again how much I appreciate you taking time to read, to follow and like along with the comments ~ thank you so much!!   ooh yes and Dena is coming back doing a “Whats in My Closet” special for you ~ all on her own as I will only be taking the pics for her ~ so again please stick around for that ~ tomorrow though is something both Dena and I think is very special ….hugzz till then


Body ~ Maitreya ~ Hands/Feet Slink ~ Shape ~ my own ~ Poses used in shots were from Image Essentials and OoO Studio ~

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