All Around SL I go……

I did say during these 2 weeks of Aloha Fair I would try my best to show you a lot of different beaches ~ it is nice to discover different sims ~ different places to wander or just flit about looking for a place to take some pics ~ and yes I keep a list of places that I like to go to so this list that am making up is just simply “Beaches” ~ well that is a given huh..*giggling* and right now as I look outside it is simply pouring buckets and buckets…what little sun I got will be faded once the sun comes out again ~ it is at times like planning things and poof they just go up in smoke ~ the other day took what I thought was a terrific blog pic but when I looked at it am like whaaaat it was just horrid and no I won’t go into details but hey things happen ~ and for those that love messing with windlights I discovered some really good ones by again reading other blogs ~ his blog  has over 12 windlights that I do like…if you are like me and love messing with them ~ even me figured out how to install them ~ ok that is my tip for today ~ as I have a lot to show and tell you …..

Nous Vous Sleeve Jumpsuit

I like the color pattern of Palm & Flowers that Nous Vous has used  giving it that tropical feel to a some what kimono style jumpsuit ~ possibly a great cover-up before or after spending time at the beach ~ this outfit comes in Fitted and Standard sizes as well as Slink and Maitreya *which I am wearing…yes I love Maitreya and do not see me changing anytime soon ~ the beach I landed on is called “Fire Beach”   and sadly I did not spend a lot of time at any location that am showing you between RL jumping at me, my sweet SL hubby coming on and took me shopping I just had enough time to finish up my blog ~ but please do not let that stop you from taking the LM’s and looking around because I will be back as it did look like a nice beach…oh yes my hair comes from my Sponsor “rezology” ~ its called Equanimity and here is the Marketplace link for it … off we go to our next location

*LX* Luau Skirt and top 

Am standing very very still trying as I do pose for this shot but looking behind me looks like a “Great White” and you know how that goes and their fetish with docks…anyone hear the tune of the Jaws theme playing…I shudder when I think of that one scene ~ but hey have not been here in a long time it is the 7Seas Fishing Game Headquarters where I used to spend lotz and lotz of time fishing ~ my inventory overfilled with fish…thought it would be interesting to show off *LX* Luau Skirt and top ~ as each set does come with 2 tops, and 2 skirts when you use whichever set as I chose the Monochrome to show you but they also have Naturals, Pinks, Red Wine, and…..whew lot more you can mix and match as  I did with both sets ~ plus plenty of sizes to fit you ~

Ash Skirt and White Top 

I am feeling that shark getting closer and closer so not a good idea for me to stick around too much longer ~ so lets just wave bye bye to Mr. Shark and head for a different location..

Aloha Dress ~ Sass

Our last and final destination today is New Brighton Pier that am sure a lot of you from the UK will recognize as am told it is based on ~ was a very brief stay as you can see those storm clouds gathering even faster-this dress by Sass is very summery ~ even comes with the sandals that I have a close up for you ~ Teal *am wearing* as well as 2 other colors ~ I do like the shoes that match the dress matching it a very overall nice outfit…Really like the pattern of this Aloha Dress ~ a nice flirty dress that will make it in as a cute casual outfit…

Sandals comes with outfit

These are for medium slink and I will comment that couple months ago I did treat myself to getting the Deluxe Slink feet from Slink and if you can afford it I give it 2 thumbs up as now I just do not have to fiddle around with taking feet off and on and trying to find my feet *sounds funny but you know what I mean for me it was a hassle and I basically wore only Slink High now doesn’t bother me because it is easy peasy to change feet…give the demo a try and they also have “kitten feet” and no they do not look like kitty feet it is just the height and as well as on pointe ~ for those that like ballet…Oh my hair ooops forgot to change it as I popped into another outfit and location but from the last 2 pics it is from eXxess Siva ~ also a fan of the newest ones due to the “breeze” factor ~ grinz hey I know am a little odd but love it how it moves like a soft breeze blowing your hair very softly…

There you have 3 outfits that are strictly featured at Aloha Fair ~ first from Nous Vous, 2nd and 3rd are from LX the Luau Skirt and Top and lastly the Aloha Dress from Sass…all shot on location using poses by Image Essentials that are also featured at the event from her Aloha Set ~ thank you to each Designer for letting me show off these and thank you to all my followers that have given me some great feedback ~ hugzz and one last thing that I need to give you is………the TAXI to Aloha Fair….cya soon




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