The Final Review for Mysteria….

Oh a moment of complete sadness knowing tonight was the last performance for Mysteria…no its not over for Oval just that performance as they are now going to start rehearsing on new plays, new productions that I will take my regular seat out front in the audience ~ I will say that it was truly an honor to be part of such a professional group of cast members ~ when you look up Oval Theater it will say “Offering the very best in SL Performing Arts. – A fully immersive theatrical experience, The Oval Theatre is home to some of the most talented Choreographers, animators, directors, set builders and performers on the grid” and that description is spot on ~ tears welled up today just remembering from the beginning with all the rehearsing wondering if I would get it right ~ would the costumes go on, would I be in the right place…so much to learn and was amazed at the sets, the dances, choosing of music to go with each ~ then the costumes that just fit perfectly with each number…was simply stunning ~ and again I will repeat myself over and over that I truly loved being a part of this production…If you missed it am sad because for me it was truly a fantastic performance but here are some of the highlights again…

As it begun…

From the music that you started hearing as you sat down you could feel the magic ~ even backstage we knew this final performance would rock the house down…just everyone was sad but excited as they would be ready to start on their new production…


Here Othon all sharp looking in his tux gets ready to greet the guests with a friendly hello making each one feel special as they find their seats…he never rushes yet enjoys going out to the audience preparing them for what they are about to see and enjoy…giving them tips on how to get the best out of the performance like turning the lighting to midnight…

Scary Mary 

OMG but backstage this time we had an intruder ~ Scary Mary and look at those huge scissors she is holding while running around trying to stab and maim us before we even went ON….I think the blade knicked Red in the ankle cuz she was pint size but what a holy terror and how did she get backstage when it is so well guarded ~ but good thing Kyle came to the rescue and netted this insane little creature putting her right where she belongs behind those steel bars…….whew disaster averted ~ as we all know Show must go on…

Opening Number 

To the thunderous applause and all the oohs and aaahs we start off magically perfect…music is insync, dancing is simply stunning ~ and the set well as you can see gorgeous…

Fans come in all sizes 

This is a very family oriented theater were everyone is welcomed and speaking to an audience member that made all performances asking for her comments Dr.Mrs.BlueMystique Actor PhD “the staff is very friendly to everyone who comes in and
they welcome everyone with open arms. also the shows are like real life and its something i always want to see in rl but cant offord it but the Oval theater gives me a chance to see something i cant afford in rl”  

Richy sings his heart out…

Not just satisfied by having them stand alone but surrounding the singer with candles and such giving off this warmth as the ballad is sung ~ you could feel the emotion as you watched…

Kyle in his “Element”

This set featuring Kyle and his 2 non singing creatures really was such a stunning performance ~ costume just was so elaborate and fit in the whole Mysteria theme…

Chris taking lead 

From Chris’s choice of hair and costume you just knew this number was gonna explode!  As we all just followed his lead Chris really had some moves and the applause was long and deserving…..

Beez leading the Swan pack 

As we all danced around the stage flittering here and there you could hear comments like “what are those birds Mummy” ~ and other little remarks about someone having drumsticks for thighs and well couple other cheesy remarks that only cast members could hear and chuckle on and on ~ yes each cast member does have at times a very bawdy sense of humor but hey we are all adults and for them nothing is off limits *they could make me smile and laugh and I loved them for it…

Red in Fields of Lavender 

Can you just inhale and smell the scent of lavender as Red goes thru her performance…look at that headpiece as well ~ so dazzling and just goes to show you nothing was spared in costume choices …

Chris showing off 

Yes Chris was back again showing off that gorgeous gown, the sparkling tiara and even the Monks just enhanced the entire set…so well done

Ake and the Nuns 

Look closely as Ake sings Its A Mad World and you can see the person just struck in the wheelchair in the far corner ~ but the song continues as Ake just sings his heart out…

Othon in Finale 

The finale ends with everyone back on stage ~ sadly our last performance was missing Jess that who could not make it due to RL commitments…we take our bows, listen to the applause and then its over but……before we left to go on our way I grabbed everyone for one more group shot…

Mysteria Cast Members 

From left to right is Kyle, Chris, Steve, Othon, Red, Beez, Myself, Richy and Ake….as I give each a hug and wish them much success on their next performances I am so touched and honored again to have been a part of this so very successful Theater group ~ Speaking of a little birdy told me the next one is coming up in August and will make sure I have front row seats ~ until next time hugzz to each of you and thank you again for taking time out to read, like and follow my blog posts…means a lot to me and very appreciated…

Have some exciting news to share that I was invited to blog new events ~ Aloha Fair, and Rock your Rack that supports Breast Cancer something very near and dear to me…so stick around please……THANK YOU again to all the Cast Members of Oval it truly was a fun experience……


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