Dena goes to see Mysteria….

Due to PC trouble I was unable to get to see my Bestie Starr Ghost at her debut at ~The Oval Theatre’s~ Production ~Mysteria~But with a little help and a lot of wishing I have made it to the performance tonight…18th July..and with only 2 left to go make sure you get to see it..21st and the 23rd are the last 2 performances for Mysteria….

Am so excited to see her performance ( as I’m sure she will have told you she has done it before, but has been so nervous about things) But she is a trouper and the other members of the cast are wonderful to her she will be in her element….

Bonnie and Myself ready to see Mysteria 

As I find my seat am so excited to see her..Brought my friend Bonnie along with me to show her what she has been missing here With my eyes front I waited for the curtain to rise…Had my setting at Midnight to get the full effect from the stage as you just might want to do as well ….

The sets WOW what can I say that Starr has not already First came the fairy dell with Starr right in front of me had to get a picture of that right? Bonnie loved this setting a lot.. was beautifully designed ..
The Alien set with Kyle took us off land to a place you can only see or imagine in your wildest dreams…WOW when the oscar men dancing scene came into view and blew us away featuring Beez he was fabulous….Red’s head piece was to say the least stunning along with the flowing dress it was magical


With so many wonderful set to be seen at this performance could not keep up with the notes as did not want to take my eyes from the stage so took some pictures for you to take a look at..




Have to say it was 90 minutes of a packed performance well worth taking the time to make a visit both Bonnie and myself were very impressed with the song to that went with each set too very well thought out..

The cast members are a fantastic group of people with Othon greeting as many as possible before the start and having a little banter with Bonnie and myself to make us feel comfortable..

Myself and the rest of the audience gave them standing ovations as the cast came out after the finale to take their bows ~ make sure you take time out and go see this performance either this Thursday 21st July or on Saturday  23rd July as their last show of Mysteria…you will not be disappointed…And if you need a limo to the show click HERE ~

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