Hair Fair Opens….Tomorrow…

Grab your wallet that is filled with your Lindens ~ dress accordingly so you are not causing major lag because YOU know you just KNOW it is gonna be max’d out with people wanting to get in that very first day ….YESSIREEE !!  Now maybe you were one of the smart ones that signed up for the Hair Demo group and are still sorting through tons of hair to find which ones you want to purchase…I am still in the process of doing that and so far I have found some great hair, which I am making a to buy list but while you are waiting for the next couple days or how long it takes will show you some fantastic hair to tempt you if these are not on your list…..Ok first up I gotta say this hair just WOW’d me ~ as a beautician in my former life for a little while I used to go to hair competitions and they would get crazy and crazier each trying to outdo the other ~ then dress them up in these over the top outfits and they would all vie for that coveted “Golden Scissor Award” well for me this creator wins it hands down…I can see some of the top SL runway models just wearing these hairs as they pose in their very high fashion clothing…ok ok I will hush now so you can see just what I mean …Introducing Bizarre Hair ~ and thank you to MyStica Matova for letting me show these off…

Magic Dragon 

Yes that is hair not a hat but all made out of hair ~ is that ummm WILD ~ oh and it breathes fire and growls as well ~ now how insane is that ~ I will say am like woah…no it is not mesh as the creator said was very “Old School” but loved creating these bizarre creations…


Another out of this world creation called yup you guessed it “Violin” and yes touch it and you hear violin playing …..again so creative and out of the box..the back am sorry I didn’t get a pic but hey you will see it cuz I know you just have to get this…comes with Earrings, and a gorgeous choker necklace as well….love love it


This is created in memory of a RL friend that passed away ~ LouLou ~ when you touch the hair you hear angels sing…and there is a little NC about how special this hair really is as well…oh btw this is also unique in that you can take the back and turn it forwards giving you an entirely different look ~ hey not gonna spoil the surprise and show you but for me Bizarre Hair won hands down on the most UNIQUE and out of the box creations…BRAVO!!

Argrace ~ Kinoto 

This year Argrace has come up with a variety of hair that is attached to a flat cap ~ and the flat cap also comes with its own hud that you have various choices to change ~ black, grey, white and couple others…this is the demo and I really love the front hair to this…not just for females as it is very unisex ~ great job ARGRACE.

Argrace ~ Mio

I do like this one as well always looking for a nice cap for longer hair and this one just fits ~ adding this to my list to buy ~ there are a total of 4 different styles each with different hair but I chose these 2 as my faves to show ~

Tukinowagum ~ Herkko

Lastly from TWK ~ really loving this style as I did choose a blonde with purple highlights to show you ~ like that hair draped over one eye very sexy and alluring…

Tukinowagum ~ Tijhof

This is adorable and decided to stay with a brown for something different ~ like the cut of bangs with the little gap also the hair coming down from the sides as well and of course the 2 pony tails ~ cute look and again will be on my to buy list…

For the moment that is all as I am overwhelmed by all the demo’s that were sent out to us…am drowning in hair LOL …but a little word about the Hair Fair and the Bandana Kiosks that you will see throughout the entire Fair ~ this is done for Wigs for Kids and all proceeds of the Bandana’s that so many people made are going to help give children with cancer a wig ~ how good that would make a child feel to be able to put on a nice wig and not feel so out of place….Wigs do cost money and most families with all they are going through cannot even think of that aspect ~ I urge you to remove your hair when you get there and go get a bandana to help out a child in need…..

Thank you again for taking time to read my posts and love all the great comments I receive ~ makes me smile ~ stay tune please as I have much more to show and tell you…hugzz

Hair Fair 2016 Banner

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