Someone’s Been Naughty

Ever have one of those days where just doesn’t go well ~ cringes as I think back to the day where my mouth has gotten me in a world of trouble…someone was so displeased as you will see *pouts* that was not a good day but as they say “shit happens” and you learn your lesson and get on with it …….

Ama. Ass Smacks ~ Featured at ROMP

As I hold tight to the bed rails am sure you can you see the lasting hand prints on my cute bum…sheesh I still have to stand here letting the pain settle down ~ sighs loudly as I will remember to think before I speak cuz between you and me it is a bad habit I have saying things that its like ut oh and this time guess I just pushed his button a little much…

Ama & Nais ~ Cuffed and Sitting ~ Featured at ROMP

Afterwards just sitting on the bed cuffed and waiting still the sting of his hands are a big reminder to think and respect….BUT let me say one last THING…

This was only a dream sequence ~ Grinzzz

With a little assistance from my bestie Dena Teardrop she helped me create this ~ and with even more assistance provided by Ama. that is now at Romp ~ looking to get your kink on or getting a little bit of naughty into your life then I suggest you take this LM and enjoy ~ Opens tomorrow ~ “Romp is back, a celebration of kink and elegance you just can’t find anywhere else! Outfits, decor, accessories, toys, furniture and LOTS more! This round lasts until April 29th, so you know what you have to do: slap on your sexiest (or slap your sexiest) and head on down to Romp now! ”  

First Pic features Ama Ass Smacks ~ there are two versions with Omega Appliers & TMP~there is several different tats for using one cheek to both cheeks… am also featuring their Equi Harness in White ~

Second Pic features “Cuffed ~ Sitting” that has nice fluffy handcuffs with matching poses ~ there is also Cuffed ~ Standing ~ both are nice and have an affordable price for either sets…

There is a lot to see and try ~ take the demo’s and try some of the great poses that are there…enjoy and take a walk on the naughty side…thank you to Amadeo Dubratt for allowing me to show off these items…



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