Its all about the Bling….

Yes am back ~ spent a nice day at the beach on Tuesday where the water was great the sun was just right with that nice ocean breeze coming off the water so you were not too scorched and a little sunburned but I was extremely careful as years of experience learning sunburn is no fun ~ then yesterday it was rest up and headed to the 2nd rehearsal for Mysteria, which OMG you all have to put this as a must do on your calendar…more about that later ~ but now it is back showing off Designer Showcase the today’s featured creator is Moondance Boutique and the simply stunning jewelry set that I am so honored to be able to show you ~ so let me do just that and show you what is being offered

Vera Necklace 

Isn’t  this a stunning piece of jewelry…and there are so many changes that you can do with this as each piece comes with a Hud that you can change the metals and the gems giving it a variety of looks

Smaller Size Earring 
Larger Size 

Yes two different sizes of earrings, which is really a nice feature as sometimes for a casual look you could wear the smaller size and with evening wear or just really stepping up your game putting on the larger size to show the world how classy these earrings really are…Again remember the Hud and the changes you can make…

Larger style bracelet with Solo Ring 
Smaller Bracelet with Bigger style Ring 

I wanted to mix/match sizes so you could see how they both can compliment each other ~ for me I like the smaller bracelet matched with the bigger ring just gives it a nice look and same with the other pairing ~ both are amazing…

Moondance Boutique set consists of one necklace, two different rings, two different earrings, two bracelets and one amazing Hud…priced very reasonable for all this set entails and quality is superb ~ looks stunning on and will compliment any outfit you will wear it with…thank you  Kathrin Dassin for allowing me to show off this gorgeous jewelry set…Designer Showcase runs till the end of the month but don’t wait till last minute…here is your TAXI ~ thank you to all my supporters and readers so appreciated that you take time to read my blog…hugzz till next time

Designer Showcase

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