Rehearsals Day 1 …..

Today was the start of rehearsing for the newest Oval Theater production Mysteria ~ for myself I was kind of clueless on how this would go ~ oh I had memories of past rehearsals so I was a tad bit nervous and apprehensive…should I worry that I forgot basics umm in a way yes but in other ways no because I knew Kyle the director and he has this in his blood how to get things done and the best way…plus after a few minutes of being there I knew hey am working with pro’s they will show me the way ~ and WOW every single cast member first took time to say hello and welcome me and that honestly made me smile…so different being on the other side of the stage and not sitting in those comfy chairs they have..the one that was sitting was my sweet sexy hubby Sten who is absolutely so supportive of things that I do and try and giving me such encouragement even when I got lost back stage, or that I was nervous about messing up ~ but the cast I absolutely have to commend as they are top notch each one of them ~ as it was they were able to kid and joke while am semi struggling to follow their directions and it is not a piece of cake either…but Kyle and others helped me so much and to them am very grateful my first day went as well…

Rehearsing for Mysteria 

First thing is to find where you need to stand ~ especially when the sets are so amazing with the lights and everything its like OMG how am I gonna remember where to stand..but they gave me their secret and it was like ooooooh ok ~ oh no cannot tell you but it is one of the reasons their performances are so flawless ~

Cast Members waiting 

Then once everyone had their positions down it was a run thru of the entire performance ~ so you could see the sets and hear the music and start to feel you are becoming a part of this…plus you just feel all the support of everyone ~ cast members applauding and yelling encouragement or in some cases teases about those huge thighs or what did I hear Steve say that when the audience sees one of our numbers it will be “what the flock” giggling as I have to laugh but won’t repeat some of the other comments they did make as it was all in fun and thinking back that is what it is all about having fun…oh am not even gonna swell their brains anymore saying how great they are and how fabulous they look as females…but hey from the costumes, and the dances this show is gonna ROCK… is gonna be a show stopper…yes it is ~ truly outdone themselves

Getting ready for finale

Oh how did I do as I have my own special number *gulps* well have to remember to make sure am facing towards the audience ~ smile and double check that am completely dressed in the right costume for the right song *yes I did flub up but hey its as hubby told me ~ that is why it is called rehearsing…gonna make mistakes

New Mysteria
Performance dates

The first rehearsal so much to do,notes being made, places had to be set and all the other stuff that goes with putting on a performance ~ truly is a lot more than you or anyone can see ~ even for SL there is so much more than just hopping on a pose ball and dancing ~ that is not even close to what takes place…we have 2 more rehearsals then our first live show is on July 16 ~ Saturday at 1pm SLT and just a huge heads up that you better get there early because there are only so many seats and this show proves to be probably one of their bests EVER and nope not because I am in it because the sets designs, the costumes, the music and the choreography is simply put STUNNING!!!!  Its wild, its fresh and you should really enjoy it ~ so hey scream BRAVO or applaud each cast member as I do not think you will be disappointed…hugzz till next time ~ ooops before I go please let me thank each of the cast members Beezy, Red, Chris, Steve, Othon, Richy, Jess, Ake, and Kyle for welcoming into your Oval family…..thank you !!!!


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