OMG there is Pot growing in SL….

Yes you read that right that Dena and I are venturing out to see all about SL Cannabis and yes for those that are not sure of the term is it called by various names, pot, grass, dope, blunt, etc ~ good thing is in SL like any other vice you cannot get drunk, loaded or wacked out hehe but to mine and Dena’s surprise this has been ongoing since 2011 ~ did you all know there is a huge selling market for this? I actually was amazed by all this and decided it was time to find out more ~ first wanted a little background information which my friend Linc Garnet provided me the website so I could read up ~ click HERE for the site as there is so much information provided I won’t go into a lot of the details ~ but I will say only that is a great place to start if you are interested at getting into this ~ yes it is another breedable but its not what you think ~ so how did I learn about it?  Linc who is always in the know for things mentioned that he started growing pot in SL am like whaaat ~ you are doing what…kind of shrugged it off till he showed me just what it was ….so Dena and I were off to see what all this is about ~ follow us into the strange yet wonderful world of growing Cannabis in SL

Dena checking out the Main Store

As with all breedables you need a good starting point, which as you can see this is the place to go ~ from starter kits, seeds, liquid food & other accessories you will find it HERE   ~  also when you come out of the store OH MY ~ I could not believe all the different plants that are growing there as well…Dena & I found some interesting ones to show you

It Sparkles

See the eye ~ pic does not do it justice as it really has a nice sparkle to it ~ but walking around there were so many different varieties that just you have to visit to really get an idea of what you can grow and make your own variety…here is another one I discovered growing ..

Recognize them…

If not its Cheech & Chong ~ and I love it …especially if you grew up in the era where they were the icons of dope smokers…from their movies to their albums you could not help but laugh ~ still today they are classics at least in my opinion ~ look at the others behind them we were just amazed at all the different varieties…Looking for money maker they do hold auctions here as well ~

Auctions held at same place

Ut oh looks like Dena discovered a pile of seeds guess I better get over there before she tries to smuggle them out …

Dena and the Premo Seeds

Ok need to go get with Linc and take some time to find out more about this interesting breedable program…

Linc Garnet & Rattlesnake Plant


 ღStarr ღ – so Linc how did you first find out about this 

Linc – Believe it or not, in a very roundabout way. As you know, I am involved with a Gacha Resale sim; recently, we moved and I had to contact  the tenants to relocate. One of the tenants – understandably – was concerned about the potential loss in traffic – the old sim location had been there for a very long time  What started out as a very tense situation evolved into a growing friendship – he explained his concerns, I was able to alleviate them – and in getting to know one another, he mentioned that he had recently gotten involved with breedable pot That intrigued me – typically I avoid breedables like a I avoid noobie sex sims 

ღStarr ღ  laughs and says like marijuana? 
Linc Yep, like breedable marijuana plants  He showed me his lab, then showed me the central place 

Dena : Linc did they come with these wonderful names or did you give them them?
Linc : No – the names are the strains developed by the creator Each plant has a unique foliage, and the later ones have special effects
ღStarr ღ: Are you able to rename them when you cross breed?
Linc You can rename them whenever I usually rename them when I cross breed so people know what I’ve done 
ღStarr ღ: tell us about the special effects please
Linc: probably easier to show and tell. Follow me

Linc’s “Science” Projects 

Linc : This is an example of some of the “science projects” Far Left is Black Hole 420 with Kool Whip Effects, next to it is a derivation of the same, then there is a Time Vortex with Crystal Rain Effects, Rattlesnake with Time for a Cure Effects, and Rattlesnake with Doubloons effects 

Dena : great mixes there…. does it take a lot of time and patience?
Linc : Yes – because there is only a small chance that the effects pass withe each breeding. Then once it does, I try to re breed to get the line pure again and preserve the effect
ღStarr ღ: which one is your fave
Linc : Hmmm…I think currently the Black Hole

ღStarr ღWhat would be the average start up costs for someone looking to get into this 
Linc: It really depends how big you want to go. LE packs – when they are released – are 500L each – but its random whether or not you get both a male and a female. Individual plants cost around 450L to 1500L, but you would be assured of a male and female that you could then breed.  A lot of people started with the starter kit – which is 750 Then get a male for a few hundred lindens, breed to get started and then slowly acquire pure plants 

Dena : can I ask one more thing Linc?
Linc: Sure Dena
Dena: how do you decide which plants you choose to cross?
Linc: Its personal preference. I try to blend effects and foliage that are complimentary – like the rain and lightning

Dena : so of the ones you have put out there you could maybe take your fave and cross with the one nearest to you and get a whole new look  correct?
Linc : correct

While Dena and Linc kept chatting I spied a table filled with bricks and course it did say click me for a joint…who could resist?  Had to call Dena over to at least try this out …

Trying out Linc’s products hehehe 

Ooops ok back to showing you more ~ shrugs hey what can I say it did say click …so nosey me clicked…giggling


Linc : Here in front of me is what an original Rattlesnake plant looks likes
ღStarr ღ: little snakes coming out
Linc : yes
ღStarr ღ: gross but wild
Linc : so these two here have been crossed to get the doubloon effect and the time for a cure effect with the rattlesnake foliage
ღStarr ღ: so is that ready? How do you harvest them
Linc : So once I get a flowering effect with the foliage I want and the effect I want, then I breed it with a pure plant to stabilize it ~ when you harvest, it creates a seed brick as long as a male is nearby ~if I harvest and there is no male in proximity I get a Sensemilla brick and that’s what makes joints and there is no market for joints 😉 likewise, most people don’t buy seed bricks because you can’t always tell what plant you will get – So people prefer to buy plants  that way you see the stats, the parents , the foliage and the effects…

ღStarr ღ: Thank you so much for taking time out to show us all this Linc and explain to us noobs about this ~ this is really fascinating and sounds like you have found a new hobby and passion

Linc : Like i said – its a fun distraction ~  You’re welcome

That was so informative and if my readers are looking for something to get into here again is the link for the website and the LM to the main store…really looks like a very interesting and unique breedable to get into…My wish is that you enjoyed this and please stick around as Dena and I search around for other places to go and things to do ~ oh btw if you think we would be interested in something different and unique please do not hesitate to get in touch with us inworld ~ always up for something new to find out about or places to explore ~ before I leave wanted to thank Linc Garnet for taking his time out of his hectic day to let us come and interview him ~ he is always a good friend and lets me know what is going on ~ thank YOU !!!!  hugzz to all ~ please stick around

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