The Making of Mysteria….

First wanna guess what these two pics have in common?

Guess who

New Mysteria

Well most of my followers know that I do attend performances at Oval Theater but this time it will be so so different because I AM GONNA BE IN IT ~ oh my yes ~ my dear sweet friend Kyle always told me if I have time he would love for me to join in and this is it…and yes the top image is me in one of the costumes and the bottom is the poster for Mysteria that I will be in ~ putting on a performance is not an easy task and I talked with Kyle a bit about the process of how it ends up on stage…Kyle starts by thinking of a song he wants to produce then creates a show around it ~ then comes the costumes and for this production I will say WOW ~ we were all over SL grabbing up items to wear for the 7 numbers that I am in….YIKES 7 of them and Kyle being Kyle he snuck in where *gulps big* am in the lead ~ woah didn’t see that coming at all!!  Now rehearsals start next week and it has been years since I have done this so I am hoping for patience from the entire crew ~ I do have most of the outfits all in place in my inventory so just need to practice putting them on quickly LOL gawd would that be embarrassing to end up nakey on stage……yikes lets not even go there…ok so next Kyle works on the choreography for me is the amazing part of all this ~ picking out dance steps that flow into the next and the next till you have an entire number done and do it again with the next song…that for me is a lot of work ~ especially keeping in mind the music that you are doing this with…In the meantime sets have to be designed and I am so amazed by the talent of many of the crew members especially after seeing Red Hykova‘s work on this house she is creating ~ WOW and Othon showing his sets ~ truly inspiring but will let them create and I will just be dancing in them…..ok that is it for now but stick around as I am sure will be struggling through rehearsals and have lotz more to say about the making of Mysteria in the future……ooops before I go need to thank Kyle McKenna Starling, Red Kykova and Othon Weiland-Nootan for letting me pester them with questions and giving some time to show off their sets……thank you all ~ ok thank you again to my followers & readers for taking time to read…..hugzz till next time

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