Rally to Rescue ~ ITS OPEN !!!!

Rally to Rescue will open at noon today and for all those that have been patiently waiting they do thank you ~ *Please Note* The Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud is also available at the landing point. The Rally To Rescue is an event to raise funds for real world abused, misunderstood and abandoned animals. This year, along with rides and concerts and contests, we now have a Rally to Rescue Shopping Hud!! Wear this Hud to teleport to your favorite, popular shops in Second Life, where you will find an exclusive item for sale with 100% of sales going towards saving these animals. One added note that I did find in using the Hud is some places do not allow scripts to run you might have some issues but my suggestion is go to your home and start from there each time so you will not run into this issue…Have Fun and here is the line up for the opening day & Saturday ~ enjoy…

Friday July 8th
12am – Rally To Rescue Shopping Hud! Available NOW 
12pm – Joe Cocker Tribute Concert (street stage)
12pm – Cutest Real Life Pet Photo Contest Starts
2pm – Rob Zombie Tribute Concert (main stage)
4pm – Rally To Rescue Charity Rideout (all are welcome!)
6pm – Black Crowes Tribute Concert (street stage)

12pm – Joe Bonamasa, Beth Hart Concert (street stage)
6pm – Alice Cooper Tribute Concert (main stage)
9pm – Dare To Be Bare Charity Rideout (Naked Ride!)

And to also show off some more items that you can purchase ~ remember all proceeds will go directly to this event ~ Designers have graciously created items for this event and looking them over I can see several favorites even TRUTH hair is a participant along with Blueberry so you can see a well rounded group of Designers helping to support a great cause…you can grab the shopping Hud also on Marketplace by clicking HERE


Here are some more items that will be offered during this event ~

Nobel Creations ~ Haichiko The Faithful 


Mao Bookends 


Serenity Style ~ beach side fence w/Pillows 

The pillows have some really nice sit animations and can be linked together with the fence or not ~ love the soothing colors

Pitball Bracelet ~ thank you gift 
Thank you gift in box 
Pretty Sexy Things w/Ghost Bully Mascot 

Ghost Bully is just that a ghost symbolizing all the Pit-bulls that have been euthanized from lack of knowledge and just plain cruelty ~ My wish is this event will be a great success for them so they may help so many no kill shelters out there plus make awareness to others regarding PitBulls ~ please take time to visit or donate to this great cause…Dogs cannot speak for themselves so let our voice speak for them……..thank you & hugzz


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