Where to Go ~ Part One….

Next couple days I will be promoting different venues and yes it is some shopping but not all ~ with music and activities for you to enjoy ~ tomorrow there are a couple of Events that will be taking place Rally to Rescue which I will be there as well as Indie Teepee also…

Just a little about Indie Teepee just as Second Life is a home to so many people from all walks of life, Indie Teepee aims to be the roof under which these same people may discover, enjoy and appreciate the diversity and creativity that could only previously be experienced in the real world. Indie Teepee brings people together through their love of song and art – breaking down barriers and providing a haven for music genres like indie, alternative, rock, electronic dance music and hiphop. This year, we take it a step further to include into our home, live music performances, theatre acts, machinimas, original mesh designs, photography and a creative forum.


If you go to this WEBSITE  ~ you can find out a lot more information ~ looks interesting and the opening is a little later than normal events as it does not open till 7pm SLT ~ but there is a whole schedule of music for you to enjoy at the opening ceremonies ~

Indie Teepee 2016
Area map

When you do Land there is a festival gift bag and a hud to transport you all around the area, which saves on wearing out your feet ~ the build is just simply gorgeous

Landing Point 

Remember to have sound on when your run through the flowers *giggling* ~ as this entire sim is based on Midsummer Nights ~ not only will you receive a nice gift bag but so many designers/creators have put out gifts for you as well ~ here are just a few

Zibska Gift 
Topiary  gift from Roawenwood 

Those are just a couple of gifts that are set out at each vendor ~ many many more for you to walk around and pick up ~ so nice of each of them to do this ~ thank you to all that have participated…hugzz

So that is one event am sure you would love to attend Right?  I will be going back to hear some of the music that will be playing ~ tomorrow will provide you the LM to get there as it is closed now ~ thank you also to the SL Support Group that got us a sneak preview into this event ~ very nice….

Please stick around as I have lotz more stuff to show and ooh yes AND a sneak preview well sort of a sneak featuring the latest production at OVAL that yes I am in ~ OMG am so excited to show you a couple of things……I even get to be umm front and center **giggling** so stay tuned for that …..hugzz

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