Going to the Dogs….

Yes today is all about the Doggies and basically RL ones where they are tossed aside and just left ~ so many dogs in just our country alone is homeless, abused and neglected ~ I love animals especially dogs and grew up with a Collie that was Lassie’s twin ~ well not really a real twin but our “Teddy” could of passed for Lassie and I cried buckets when he passed while I was in high school he was my companion on so many nights ~ and my Dad who also grew up with a Collie would spend hours lovingly grooming Teddy ~ anyway I just hate hearing and seeing dogs that have been neglected and abused so this upcoming event is something I feel very strongly about ~ Rally to Rescue starts July 8 to July 12 ~ very short but very meaningful as 100% of their collected donations goes directly for the care of animals at non-profit, no-kill, volunteer rescue organizations. Saving lives is expensive, so they are always extremely grateful for any financial donations that their supporters can make. I do applaud this group Ghost Bullys MC along with it is their 2nd year doing this.

Save them Please ~ pleads Ghost Bully 

This  is their Mascot and how can you say no to that adorable face ~ but it is not just about donating funds ~ there will be music, contests, lot of fun stuff and SHOPPING for some exclusive items only for this event…

Shopping Hud 

There is the shopping hud that you can pick up at Marketplace ~ that I will be showing off in the next couple days the exclusive items…

Rally to Rescue Poster 

As you can see by the above poster there will be lotz and lotz to do between July 8th to July 12th ~ and I will be filling you in as we get closer to the date…Again this really is for a good cause no dog should go unloved, unwanted, neglected and thrown to the streets…lets speak for them since they can’t speak ~ hugzz & Thank you for taking time to read this post ~

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