Time Traveling

We rolled the diced and came up with Fort Nowhere that the SL Destination gave us this info about it ~ “Journey back in time to the age when dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Explore mist-shrouded jungles, smoldering volcanoes and the sunlit seas of a forgotten prehistoric world. Encounter its majestic and deadly denizens or become a dinosaur yourself and experience the Second Life you never imagined as a Triceratops, Apatosaurus, Velociraptor, or even the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex!”  Sounded interesting and as time travelers or sim hoppers or whatever name we come up with we decided to dress in a different mode *laughing really hard* but you will see just what I mean ~ still laughing ~

Showing off our outfits 

This is our first Time Traveler outfits that I just thought was so unique and interesting ….not that we will wear it often but hey pretty out there huh ~ you can find it on Marketplace just click HERE  ~ very very cheap just a heads up you will have to take everything Mesh off to wear this ~ so make sure you save everything ~ I saved a naked body wearing my mesh and anything else that I would wear naked…slink,hair, etc strictly for the classic avi ~ but hey don’t we look stylish and like 2 time travelers from somewhere LOL ~ anyway when you first arrive you land in an area of well where you can become one with the Dino’s and purchase a variety of different dinosaur avis then you go through this tunnel well there are various ones to travel around this sim…you need to walk to the Time Machine itself and poof you are in another entrance way

Entrance to the Time Machine 

Once you walk close you are drawn into this vortex that spits you out where are different portals ~ Fossil Reef, Abyss Caves, Prehistoric Plains, Cretaceous Canyon, Kelp Gardens and Jurassic Jungle…first I have to give huge kudo’s for the lack of lag and how fast you are whisked away ~ again my images do not do justice because there is static electricity going through the air, your body just that grand feeling something is about to happen…I let Dena choose first as we walked into Fossil Reef  ~ underwater seas 

My Ride?  

We were now deep below the ocean back when most of the creatures were sea bound…seems Dena found one that took her for a brief but exciting ride through the underwater seas…

Dena holding on tight

Honestly not sure what creature it was but at least was not out to scoop us up for a mealtime…Little waterlogged we made it back to the main portal and this time chose Jurassic Jungle

Riding a Gallimus 

Dena kept complaining about her bum getting sore as you did bounce up and down riding this creature ~ the misty forest had us peering around every corner not sure what we might encounter…

In the forest we go 

With the foggy mist you really couldn’t see a lot so we kept moving forward but off in a distance you heard something …..but what was it ?


Up on a hill looking down at us this huge fierce looking umm bird had the drop on us that kept following Dena around I just didn’t trust it I mean would you?  Heard they could have a nasty disposition but shuddering just didn’t want to find out so I scurried along

OMG Was a ……….

Dena and I both stopped so quick we almost fell off our Gallimus ~ this scream started building up in my vocal cords and the rest was history “RUN RUN as fast as you can am screaming……We dug in our heels and quick as anything back to the main portal to try out the Cretaceous Canyon…No clue what that was back there as I am not up on my Dinosaurs just looked big, looked hungry and was making a horrible noise…

Cretaceous Canyon

We just stood there staring out into the distance ~ amazed at several different things …first there was this…

Bones, lot of bones…

Yes and not itty bitty bones but huge huge ones that meant whatever got them was even bigger and fiercer ~ both of us took gulps of air to calm ourselves down…then we walked a few more feet to see this amazing landscape…

Time stood still

Just over there stood another island but we had no way to cross as we looked for some mode of transportation but swimming was not an option seeing we were clueless as to what was lurking in those waters below…skeery!!

Stay or GO?

Both of us just stood still well almost stood still because up in the sky were even bigger flying Pteranondon that would swoop down and we got a quick glimpse of something even larger that gave us the willies…We both looked at each other and thought ok maybe come back or maybe not…and we headed back to the main portal to take us back to safer ground..

Was getting late so we really did not have anymore time to explore the other portals but from what we both saw this land of the Prehistoric where dinosaurs roam free still does exist in SL ~ sound like your cup of tea or an adventure you would like to journey ~ here is your TICKET & RIDE~ enjoy

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