New News….

Hello again 🙂 as I had mentioned earlier that I had something new to tell you ~ I went to a very informative lecture at the SLB Auditorium the other day that was all about blogging in SL ~ sadly I was unable to stay for the entire lecture but what I heard had me rethinking about where I want this blog to go ~ do I want to stay just entirely in fashion or try and venture out to doing some fun stuff ~ my answer was to write thank you notes to those sponsors who had let me become a part of their blogging team but said my sincerest goodbyes to most of them ~ SL has so much more to offer and I along with Dena was feeling the stress of coming in each day and just doing fashion ~ we both agreed that it was time to go back to traveling more and more but yes we will let you know what we are wearing, where to get it that won’t stop just a lot will come from our own closets now…

Another  interesting thing to tell you is also I will be participating at Oval Theater ~ for me this is another exciting adventure that Kyle McKenna  had asked me if I wanted to come and be a member but at the time was unable and this is another reason I backed off from fashion blogging ~ right now I blog Oval’s performances but coming soon will be right on stage with them so you will have some first hand insights as to how a show starts up to the performance time…will fill you in more when I find out the details ~ cannot wait !!!

Again my sincerest thanks goes out to Entice, Maci, Plowwies and Inkheart for again letting me have the honor of becoming one of their bloggers ~ I learned a lot and really enjoyed my time with each of you ~ As for all my readers I hope that you will still continue to read the blog as I will do my best to show you some interesting and unique places to travel to…


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