Lets Talk Hair ….

Everyone if they are like me loves wearing different hair ~ updo’s for those special occasions or if you are like me I love wearing a nice updo with a formal gown just gives it that added touch ~ but I am honored to be able to show you hair from my sponsor rezology ~ here are some of the new styles that are now available, each comes with a hud that gives you a 5 different colors plus an infinity one that has unlimited color choices…

Wispy top knot 
Butterfly 100 
Butterfly 86 

Each of them different and wanted you to see each of them with the same outfit on so you get a chance to see the change from the top knot with the wisps of hair framing the face, to the sleek Butterfly in the middle one to the one just above that gives off that sultry vibe…

If you like any of these latest styles please look on Marketplace here  and here is the main Inworld if you would like to try on a demo of any of these….

Please stick around as I have some interesting news to share with you ~ hugzz till then and for my readers as always your support in very appreciated…thank you ~

rezology logo


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