From the Oval ~ Gay Pride 2016

Oh what can I say about this production number ~ let me say that I have attended Oval Theater for awhile now and seriously I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this one as their best one yet!!!  Never been to a theater performance in SL well for those of you have not THIS is the one you should not MISS ~ honestly and speaking not biased as I do know several of the members of Oval but because it is so true ~ each of them put a lot of time, energy and thought into making their performances stand out and this one did just that..from the creative process of Kyle McKenna Starling who am told came up with this to the sets, the costumes and choreography it just blew me away and was off the charts ~ I have never been more prouder to know Kyle and the remarkable achievement he has done by putting this on ~ taking some quotes from a couple of members in the show ~ “Kyle explains “Celebrating pride, diversity, tolerance and acceptance the world over in a dazzling production that is sure to leave you wanting more” Wow that just is true especially after needing something uplifting from the horror of the Orlando shooting…and as Othon also quoted saying this “My motto was always: vitamin H (of humor) is a very strong medicine…does not take away the pain and the fear after what happened in Orlando, it gives you the power to move on to fight for a better and more lovingly world with Respect for everyone …so this show has some humor, but it has a lot more heart and a great deal of love” And if you come to this performance you will see how his words are so true ~ now let me give you some images to tease and entice you to come see their show…before the show started I did speak with another audience member who had this to say  Xavier ThiebaudI’ve been very impressed with the variety of performances I’ve seen ~ my most favorite has been the holidays during christmas ~ from the sets to the choreography”


You had a feeling when the curtain opened with the letters PRIDE so bold, so colorful that it was going to be one helluva performance and that was no exaggeration either…”Sissy Walk that Way” was the first song and was absolutely done fantastic…

Chris Gaymont 

See what I mean about colorful costumes ~ how ingenious and there is so much more to see


The tunes, the songs just kept coming from Steve Ruhig-Allen singing “Holding out a Hero: to the fast pace song that everyone knew YMCA ~

Othon ~ Supermodel 

The set for this number was so well put together and Othon I give you such huge kudos’ on a spectacular look ~ bravo !!!

Kyle ~ Lady Gaga ~ Bad Romance 

OH MY ~ my pic does not do this justice because you have to see the set, the costumes the back up dancers were wearing so amazing…and great great number too

Weather Girls ~ Red & Jess 

Yes it was raining men as we all know this song as well ~ loved when Beez showed up sporting well umm not gonna tell you hehehe you will just have to come see for yourself…but good job to Red & Jess ~


What a great way to end the show with those words ~ RESPECT ~ not just for one but for everyone ~

Kyle ~ Director 

Ok am just a tad biased when it comes to this man Kyle ~ he is such a sweet, generous person that there are not enough adjectives to describe him ~ am so honored to be one of his friends ~ hugzz and BRAVO to such a fantastic production…


As I am also honored to be a friend as well of his partner Beez ~ who I did have the pleasure of doing a little matchmaking when it came to them…giggling ~ good job Beez

So I will not give away the entire show by showing you all the pics because you really, really need to come see this performance first hand ~ when I was there it was standing room only, which means there is truly limited seating ~ each performance is at 1pm SLT so my suggestion is get there early to get a seat ~ no seat is bad just limited…

My thanks go out to each and every single cast and crew member for your hard work, your dedication ~ you thrilled me, brought so much joy to me watching and listening…without saying it YOU all NAILED this!!!! hugzz

Please take this Limo to see this outstanding performance the shows are on the 26th, 28th, and 30th at 1pm SLT….you will NOT be disapointed!



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