Its like Christmas all over ….

Yes am sitting here with over 80+ boxes still to be open from SL 13th birthday celebration…the ones I have today were from the celebration itself so there is still time to run down and pick up all these amazing goodies ~ again I have to honestly say this year I am overwhelmed by the generosity of designers, vendors and creators…I will do my best to let you see the gifts and who they came by ~ there is a lot to open from the event itself to all the other events that had gifts as well ~ if you want please look at this page  and get the LM’s and the names of the SLBgift hops ~ from Hairology, Kustom9, Collabor88, TMD, The Fantasy Collective, Tres Chic, Whimsical and We Love RP ~ so many wonderful gifts that I will try to show you as many as I can…

KittyCats exclusive for SLB13

What a cute kitty and also comes with a cute tiny birthday cake that is filled with one week of food for you to start off…Thank you KittyCats ~

Adventure Spectacles ~ Treacle Darlandes 

This gift was from the event and also came with a Monocle ~ love the glasses and Treacle was also mentioned earlier as the decorator of the Welcome Ship so double thanks to you Treacle...

Top Hat ~ from F&M 

OH MY …is this top hat wild and this pic does not even do it justice you just gotta see it first hand ~ also is at the event ….

More gifts from the Event

Starting from the left the Barrels are a gift from Fran Gustov ~ good prop items …next to me is “Book Lovers Commode” ~ did some research on that word and came up with a definition 1.a piece of furniture containing a concealed chamber pot. 2.a chest of drawers or chiffonier of a decorative type popular in the 18th century ~ Which was a gift from Chic Aeon so thank you there are two versions this one and a dark wood ~ and last ly the stacked hat boxes are a gift from Alrunia Ahn ~ all great props that can be used in blogs, stores or in your private residents and all are FREE and birthday gifts to celebrate Second Life’s 13th birthday…

Take time to visit and wander around the area not just for the gifts, which are nice but there is other things to do and see and listen to ~ there is a huge auditorium, a bigger music area for DJ’s and live music ~ there are hands on exhibits and the creators of some just blow my mind…oh yes a big hunt as well for you to try your hand at …

Not sure where to start well start at the Welcome Center ~ you will get a nice folder of LM’s to help you ~ the greeters are just at the top of their game….here is the Limo to that area…good luck, have fun and will be back ~ For my readers my wish is to let you know how grateful I am that you follow me and possibly get a smile, a chuckle out of some of the things ~ find it informative at times and overall that you like what you read…hugzz

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