Happy Birthday Second Life!!!!


Can you believe that SL has been around for 13 years ~ how amazing as I only knew of its existence 9 years ago when a good friend kept telling me about this new virtual platform that was even better than SIMS…I dug my heels in about this knowing I would become addicted like I had to SIMS and quit cuz it was taking over my life ~ for almost a year I just kept saying no no no even after the pics she shared with me, the stories she told of what it was like did I FINALLY say ok I will try it and the rest was history for me ~ now I really wonder how back in the beginning of SL 13 years ago how limited everything was ~ have spoke with many and it is remarkable they are still here ~ rare but still what can I say that am still here almost 8 years now and I do not have any regrets ~ but this year seems EPIC in so many ways ~ “slices of cake” from all over and not just at the gift areas but from events the vendors are setting out slices for anyone to pick up and enjoy…and the goodies are IMMENSE with being very high quality and have opened only one or two so far but that will be another post ~ yet this started June 19 and goes to June 26 so there is not time to procrastinate about travelling to the event…first let me introduce the builder who created the Welcome Area

Catboy Qunhua 

Creator the the Welcome Ship where you first land ~ click HERE but let me back up just a little and show off the magnificent ship

SLB13 greeter_002
Welcome Center 

Really grand looking isn’t it ~ going to copy/paste my interview so I won’t miss a word…was so nice for him to give me a few minutes of his time to speak ~ so I do thank him ~

 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): hi can I speak with you
 Catboy Qunhua: Sure
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): first congrats on a great build for this years celebration
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): love the build can you tell me a little about it
Catboy Qunhua: It started when the event organizers announced they were open to design submissions and I made a drawing
 Catboy Qunhua: see image below 
Catboy Qunhua: When they asked me to elaborate on the drawing I made a small model, which you can see over by the fountain
Catboy Qunhua: After the model was accepted I started work on a full sim layout, which I have never done before
 ღ™ (starr.ghost): was there a specific theme behind the boat
 Catboy Qunhua: I remember what they said “Shared adventure” which led my to think about ships. In order to sail a tall ship, you need a whole crew of people
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): i like that
 Catboy Qunhua: And with adventure as the theme, a flying ship sounded like one heck of an adventure
ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): yes remembers me back to Peter Pan and Capt Hook
Catboy Qunhua: Bingo, exactly, Hook and Disney’s Peter Pan are some of my favourite movies
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): mine too especially some of the updated ones
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): Well again kudo’s for this I really think you nailed it and now I see why you were chosen
 ღStarr ღ™ (starr.ghost): thank you for giving me a few minutes of your time
 Catboy Qunhua: no problem 🙂 Enjoy the exhibition!

Catboy drawing
Catboys Original Drawing 

I can see how he won this as the build is so impressive that please be sure to take the LM to the Welcome Center walk around ~ now he did the build but it was decorated by Treacle Darlandes so kudo’s to him for the awesome props and decor…

Now when I did land I spoke with 2 of the greeters that were on hand ~ Nafika and Snazzy Zepp who informed me both have been working at these birthday celebrations for 4 years and absolutely love being a greeter…they were kind, friendly and very knowledgeable about the entire event and if a question that they were not sure of they went directly to the source to provide the information ~ let me show you the two fabulous greeters

Nafika & Snazzy Zepp

I thank them both as I did take up probably a lot of time asking way to many questions but they didn’t make me feel rushed as we had a very nice chat ~ if you do see them when you land please be kind and say hello as this is a volunteer position ~ hugzz to you both and thank you again Nakifa & Snazzy you both made my day by your kindness…

Me as an Official Press Person 

Months ago I had signed up to be a member of the Press for this Celebration even got an official press pass and all ~ grinning at myself looking pretty jazzy with my top hat and press pass…There is soo much I wanna show you in the coming days ~ but here are some LM’s for the events that also have SLB13 gifts for you ~ just touch the slice of cake and enjoy

Kustom 9 ~ Tres Chic ~ Collarbor88 ~ The Fantasy Collective ~ Hairology ~ The Mens Department ~ We Love Role Play ~ Whimsical 

Each of those events have exclusive SLB13 gifts just look for the cake and right click and you will be amazed at the gifts ~ so huge huge thank you’s and kudo’s to ALL the designers that participated this year with your fantastic gifts ~ please take time to send them a NC if you liked or used their gift am sure they will appreciate that little gesture…

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