Lets Talk about Hair & Eyes Shall We…

In an earlier post I spoke about a new sponsor rezology that puts me truly in “hair heaven” these days ~ so many styles to show you and wear and some are becoming my faves as well…and my other sponsor Inkheart who makes gorgeous eyes will be shown today as well…Before I start wanted to say that I hope my Bestie gets her computer/connection fixed so she can join me she is having some major issues which is why she has been absent for couple days…as well as my sweet hubby is having some health issues that I hope he can get taken care of quickly as it hurts my heart to hear he is in pain ~ no one should live in pain ~ hugzz to both ~

Rezology Europa 

First up holding my new adorable puppy “Mr. Wrinkles” am wearing an adorable hair called Europa from rezology~ cute short hair that comes with a Hud w/5 different colors plus one that you have the ultimate color choices as you will see later ~ As this is Rigged and Fitted Mesh there is no ability to resize but if you change the size of your head it will automatically fit it perfectly ~ Mr. Wrinkles loves the color but might have to match it a little more closely to his…Grinz

Rez~2b with Inkheart Astral_001
Pixie9 Hair w/ Astral Eyes 

Next up is another short style called “Pixie9 that I did change color to a more beige blonde to bring out Inkheart‘s latest Eyes ~ these are in a group called Astral Eyes/Fantasy ~ with these eyes they are the Prize gift in the Midsummer Dream Hunt that will be starting June 21st  to July 21st ~ if you would like more information about the hunt please click here  to get all the information on it ~ Looks like a very nice 1L hunt ~

Rez~2b with Inkheart Astral_002
Viper Hair w/Astral/Garden Eyes

I specifically changed the color on this hair using the Hud but choosing  Infinity as there are infinite number of color choices to be chosen ~ Another short version with the eye just peeking through, which is showing Inkhearts other Hunt Gift the “Garden” ~ both eyes come in classic version and mesh with mesh having 4 different sizes ~ for both images I chose Medium in the Mesh as I have noticed a lot choose the wrong size ~ go smaller not bigger has been my advice on eye sizes ~ so they look more natural when moving…

There you have 3 different styles from rezology which let me give you both the Inworld Store so you need a demo go there first but if not you are able to purchase on Marketplace as well….Inkheart here is the inworld store  and the Marketplace 

Please stick around as I have an early pass into the SL 13th Birthday celebration and I cannot wait to see what it will be ~ never been then you need to go it is fun and interesting and a lot of birthday gifts for you plus I love the creativity that you see ~ stick around am sure will have lotz and lotz to show you ~ hugzz to all

Oooh looking for that cute little Shar Pei that I was holding well I will give you the store I found it on Marketplace but they are limited as it was part of a gacha…this is the one I have click HERE for it…

rezology logo


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