The Latest from Inkheart

Am always excited when Inkheart sends out the latest creations for us to blog about as she has never failed to excite and delight me with the new versions of eyes ~ Dena and I want to show you what these look like so you will just want to rush over there and grab these goodies up …


The image above shows Dena wearing Celestial that comes in 4 sizes as well as mesh and they are from the Juno collection ~

IHeartme1a wood
Juno ~ Wood

This is a really nice color Wood and normally I do not go for the brown tones but you just might start seeing me wear this at times ~ as it is a unique color not the normal tone you would expect…


Dena really wears this color nice and just gives a very nice overall look to her skin ~ especially when this is one of my faves as well…

IHeartme1a catwalk

Lastly this is a gift pair for the group SLFO so you will have to be a member of that group to get these eyes ~

Inkheart has several new colors from the ones we have shown you to Gold, Green *LOVE* that green as it is becoming my go to eyes now ~ Also Grey, Halloween, Honey, Lake and various other ones that you MUST go to Inkheart and check out ~ I know you will need a ride so Dena and I have provided a limo to take you there ~ CLICK HERE to be whisked away  ~

As always we both want to send our thank yous out to Aoi Kame for letting us show off these gorgeous items….and to our readers we so appreciate all the likes, the comments and your continued support of our blog ~ hugzz


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