Dena shows off Facepalm & Appletini

Standing under the shade of these palm trees as the heat from the Jersey Shores is hot hot hot am back to show you some more stuff ~ stuff that you need to tp that sexy body of yours and grab up because why…well they are exclusives only to this event that is a huge reason ~ let me show you pics

Facepalm’s Exclusive

From the pic above you can see how I am beating the extreme heat wearing one of Facepalm’s exclusive ~ this outfit is called “Degrees of Evil Level 2” which includes what you see in clothing along with hoop earrings and those comfy sandals am wearing ~ Taliah Darwin has come up with 3 different degrees of evil for you ~ the tank if you look close has a really well done Sugar Skull on front but the cool thing is first it is mesh and comes in various sizes to fit your body perfectly ~ second Taliah Darwin has created a hud for the tank that gives you 3 different looks ~ moving down to the shorts which are not mesh BUT comes with a mega hud that will help you to be able to wear these shorts without a lot of hassle and these fit my Maitreya bod just perfect ~ love the cutouts on the shorts giving you a really sexy look….finally the sandals which are made for Slink Flat and look below to see a close up ~

Facepalm sandals

Because all the exclusives are different degrees of evil the sandals have carried that look with the skulls ~ look how comfy they are and they show off my nail polish from Appletini nicely ~ wanting my tootsies to really shine I chose the “Popsicle Chevron” in that hot Red tone ~ they do come in 4 other colors giving you a great variety…Appletini also has some other exclusive polish that myself and Starr will be showing off in future posts…

Each of Facepalms outfits are really priced nicely at 150L each ~ and I so thank Taliah Darwin for letting me show off this really hot outfit and to CinnamonApplePie69 for also creating that great polish for me to wear  ~ Appletini‘s nail polish that contains 5 different colors is priced at 100L ~ both have 10L gifts which am going to let you discover what they are *giggling*…Alright am starting to sweat as the temps go higher and higher and I see Starr has made a nice cool pitcher of lemonade to quench my thirst so please come back as her and I have lots more to show you from The Jersey Shore...ut oh almost forgot your ride – shame on me please click HERE to take you to get all these goodies…

EBP- Jersey Shore


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