Yes it is true am leaving SL but not for good just for about a week to spend time with one of my RL Besties that I have not seen in about 8 years ~ whew time does fly ~ am excited and need a break all round RL & SL ~


Yup bags are now packed and I think hubby is wondering what is in all those suitcases…hey you never know just what you might need right?  Ok ok am just teasing two are not going anywhere just wanting him to think am taking all my clothes hehe…but in RL I honestly do try to pack really light after all these years of traveling for extended weekends you do learn to mix/match on trips ~ Most would think going to the beach xcept I live at the beach year round so heading to the mountains of Pennsylvania where will be spending some quality time with my Bestie…she is the friend that it could be couple or even five years since you spoke or saw each other but once you meet time just vaporates like you never were apart…that is what kind of friend her and I are…We have known each other for almost all our lives ~ so YES am excited…


As the color slips away from SL and I look back on two of the most important people in my SL life my Bestie left with these words “it is with great sadness that i have to wave goodbye to my bestie Starr she is going to take a short holiday..Gawd knows she deserves it” and my darling sexy hubby who gave me strict instructions to not worry, have fun, have fun and he will keep the light on for me till I get back *grinz…Looks back one last time then climbs aboard looking forward with tears dripping down my face ~ hugzz

To all my readers, my followers I will return in about a week or so ~ again my appreciation and thanks to everyone that keeps me going ~ to my Bestie Dena thank you for always encouraging me and lastly to one of the good guys my uber handsome hubby who makes me feel special every day ~ THANK YOU and ta ta ~ waving adios …….


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