Little coffee & a Lot of Chat…

Welcome to Monday ~ where I am the sun is shining and I will take it for however long it lasts as the East Coast has had its share of rain till I feel like a prune…and don’t even mention how fast the grass is growing sheesh will need to mow in the next couple days before heading out to vacation with my RL Bestie…

Coffee & Chat

Dena and I are wearing our new plowwie jammies being all comfy as we sit on the bed I placed outdoors among the flowers and trees ~ great to have coffee and chit chat about our woes and Monday hehehe ~ her and I do have on the same xact item with the exception of color that does comes with a great hud to change colors ~ the back is so cute am sorry I did not get up off my lazy bum to show you ~ long ago I worked for this RL Auto Train that the mornings were freezing in our cattle car where we all slept that my Mom at the time gifted me a pair just like these ~ kept me nice and warm with tootsies covered and the back you could pull down for potty…and Dena is also wearing the little hoodie that you can put on or not ~ also comes with a hud to match the rest…Name of them are “Muggles ~ comes also with the towel if you want to wear ~ entire set is Mesh and I looked for it on Marketplace but you will have to go directly to the store to grab this one…How cute do we look…love it especially still it is not full on summer with temps cold enough that these are so appropriate to wear ~ hey heading to the mountains for snow time you should think about grabbing a pair of these to take along just to sit with friends in the of the fireplace…sometimes it is not all about looking like a Victoria Secret model it is about being comfy with your friends and family…btw here is your ride to grab these cute jammies…Really love the texture and the detailing of these ~ takes a sip of my coffee and smiles to each of my readers ~ thank you again for taking time out to read our blog…BTW I wanna throw a question out for you in my next blog so think about this ~ how much are you willing to pay for group fees and is there a rise in those ?  Hugzz till next time

Shot strictly on location of my home using poses that are on the bed that I so love too ~ got it from Collab from Trompe Loeil ~ awesome bargain ~ and thank you to our newest Sponsor plowwies for letting us show these great jammies ….

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