Welcome New Sponsor ~ Plowwies

Dena and I are so pleased to announce we have another new sponsor for our Blog ~ Plowwies as honored us by letting  both Dena and I be a part of their blogging team…Thank you so much ~ let me tell you a little bit about their store, which I think is unique and adorable…Plowwies has some of the cutest jammies and slippers I have seen ~ you know there are times when it is all about comfort and not anything sexual ~ the nights you just spend lounging around with friends or family or just even yourself and you want comfort and Plowwies really is that place to go look ~ an no am not saying that cuz basically a lot of their jammies are what I wear in RL ~ am not the one with all the sexy lingerie sitting in my drawers cuz actually shhh but it is just me and comfort is more my RL thing ~ but I love also in SL to be cozy on those nights that hubby and I just wanna spend time with each other…speaking of my ever sexy hubby ~ gawd he is such a sweety that while we were checking out the inworld store he went and grabbed some jammies and then wanted me to take pics and blog about them…soo let me show you

Chrysippus Jammies Set 

Are those just so cute?  I thought so and he really looks very good in them ~ he said they are all mesh even the Dumbo slippers on his feet ~ Sten also said the fit is perfect for him and I am in total agreement ~ See ladies your men can look sexy in jammies ~


You can see a close up of the slippers that are included with the jammies ~ either you can pick them up Inworld or on her Marketplace store as well ~ with anything my suggestion is if you are unsure of the fit try the demo first ~ Sten was so cute sitting on the edge of the bed posing for me ~ and yes the bed is outside ~ hey it is warmer and doesn’t everyone want a spare bed outside…Anyhoo I do thank Sten for having patience with me as I got the best shots ~ hehehe I just think he loves the attention knowing that others will be gawking at him too ~ but he is mine and a keeper ~ blows kisses to her hubby

Again thank you to WIE owner and creator of Plowwies for giving us this opportunity because I know we will be having fun with all the jammies and outfits ~ Take a moment and look at their Marketplace and click here to visit their Inworld store…oh yes love their logo as well ~ till next time hugzz to each of you …

Plowwies logo clear

Details of what Sten is wearing 

*plowwies* Chrysippus slippers 
*plowwies* Chrysippus Mens Boxers 
*plowwies* Chrysippus shirt
Calico ingmann Hair Blake – Snow
7 Deadly s{K}ins – Damien 
NIKITA**Wolf eyebrows
NIKITA**super dark gray eyes

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