It is Mothers Day ~ Celebrate

Yes today is the day where all Mothers, Moms are celebrated for being just that ~ a Mother…my own Mom passed away over 16 years ago but still I can remember making sure if I was in the same state it would be spent with her even if after 10 minutes I wanted to just walk out the door screaming…her and I were like oil and water we just didn’t mix well at all especially the older I got ~ am not saying she was a bad Mom on the contrary she was an awesome one sacrificing her time, money and energy to take care of 2 boys and me am saying she had her ways and I had mine and we disagreed on more stuff, more issues and more things that I could even begin to discuss…but Yes I loved her and still miss her and would I change things absolutely not because that would of not been us ~ some have such close relationships that it is almost like Sisters and was always a tad envious but I will tell you that I have THE MOST respect for my Mom ~ no matter what she said or did and at times made me angry and hurt I still would of never disrespected her the way I see some of today’s children do their Moms…but back to my Mom she was a force to be reckoned with truly you did not want to get on her bad side she was beyond stubborn ~ maybe that is where I get mine from ~ shrugs…on the other side she would drop whatever she was doing no matter what time of day or night to help out a neighbor, a friend, one of my friends and I saw that a lot ~ she was truly a very southern woman that made do with what she had and was grateful for things ~ she told silly stories, embellished a LOT and had this monotone hum that drove everyone crazy ~ she could good up storm and bake some goodies that made my mouth water ~ her pineapple upside down cake was legendary ~ Today is just remembering my Mom and wishing each of you to take time out of your busy RL/SL lives to remember yours as well ~ whether they are here or gone may their memories make you smile…and to all those RL/SL Moms out there I wish you the happiest of happiest celebrations…


Till next time ~ hugzz again & will be back soon…


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