Summer Nights….

Pretty soon there will be those summer nights to sit out among the stars ~ listening to the water lapping against the summer grasses ~ cannot wait can you…and what makes it perfect is what MOoh has to offer at The Clubhouse Gacha event…I absolutely think this is such a WINNER ~ wow ok ok let me show you ~

Treewood Table & Stools ~ Commons 

As hubby and I enjoy this gorgeous table and stools from MOoh ~ you can see there is plenty of room for a hunk of cheese, couple bottles of vino *sorry those are my private collection* I love the unique design and the use of the different type of wood ~ just fits in among our yard…Each piece is a pull like the table and the stools ~ these are the commons ~ as well as ….but in my book they are keepers…

Treewood Chair & Bench

Both the Tree Chair and the Bench all have poses ~ the chair has 3 and the bench has 4 different poses ~ Look at the detail on the bench ~ is that unique ~ and really love the chair looking like a wood-carved piece of fine furniture …oh and that is my doggie “Daisy” watching us closely…and nope she is not for sale…..

Treewood “RARE”

Yes this Gazebo is the Rare and there are two versions ~ clean and dirty ~ dirty has moss growing on it very rustic looking and this is the clean both are perfect for those warm summer nights where you just want to sit and enjoy each others company or have a intimate dinner for two ~ maybe since there is plenty of room to slow dance with that special someone…even an intimate party where this could be your focal point and have your munchies and a small bar set up…really nice looking texture and also a great looking piece of outdoor furniture for you to keep for years ~ season after season…

Lawn Chairs 

Alright hubby thought it would be funny if I sat in the broken one ~ sheesh can you tell he turned away so I couldnt see his smirk…but ok ok they are cute and the Lawn Chairs are MOoh’s other gacha item for you ~ with 26 commons and 3 different Rare ~ the broken ones are the Rares and come in some great colors ~ plus they do also have poses in them…

The Treewood Furniture will cost you 65 per pull but that will make it interesting since you can always use xtra tables and stools for summer time and who knows you just might get one of the Gazebo …seriously a nice Gazebo for 65L yikes that is a steal….and the Lawn chairs for those xtra seating or hey maybe you live in umm a trailer park and these will just fit in nicely…well 40L a pull and those chairs are YOURs…Take my special limo over to The Clubhouse and check out MOoh machines ~ just click here to be wisked away….thank you to  Dalriada Delwood for allowing me to show off her gacha items…

the clubhousea

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