Do You Know your ABC’s

Yes I know ~ and most of you know that little rhyme that goes with teaching children their ABC’s ~ so IPose UnGracefully has come up with a unique prop/pose for part of their gachas ~ how many letters in the alphabet…too many to show each one to you so I chose a couple with the help of my bestie Dena…

IPose Ungracefully 

Course we have to start off with A ~ as Dena holds tight to that letter all I can think of is A is for Awesome, which as a bestie she is ~


S is for Sweet and Sensational cuz Dena is both of those ~ yeah yeah do not roll your eyes OK she really is all that and more ~


U is for ummm Unicorn LOL cuz at the moment am not thinking of a word ha ha ha …anyway there is a sample of the commons which again there are 26 of them and each have a unique pose ~ here is one of the Rare’s


Yup good ole Lust ~ and yes that is me on the U ~ as each letter also has a different pose as well…This is one of the Rares as there are 26 Commons and 9 Rares for you to win…

Ipose Ungracefully also has a Marketplace store so click here for it ~ as well as an inworld store that if you go to The Clubhouse you can grab the LM there ~ oooh yes and they also have a 10L gift for you to purchase ~ Each pull for the letters is 20L and they are modifiable once rezzed…Cute and unique for a gacha item ~ so check them out when you hit The Clubhouse cuz you know you wanna ~ here is your ride

Thank you to gracerobertson & xiposx for letting me blog these items…hugzz and again to all my readers and followers it is so appreciated that you take time out to read my blog…plus a big big hug to my Bestie Dena for helping me out ~ you are the best

the clubhousea


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