He Loves Me…He Loves Me Not…

With every event it is always fun to meet new stores and for me being a blogger and a photographer I love finding out new pose stores and this one is such a delight ~ so for those out there that love finding new poses with props check out {Aplomb} and let me give you some teasers to entice you to rush there and find their machine…


Theme of this is am sure you can already guess is “He Loves Me”  –  First I love love these poses along with the props ~ look at the cute ladybug sitting on the petal…very nicely detailed…

He Loves Me

And you know how the poem goes so it begins…he loves me ~ as I just pick one petal off…

He loves me Not 

Laying back and feeling if I stopped now it would be he loves me not…but course am not stopping ~ would YOU?

Petals all Picked 

With the petals all picked as they float down in the air and land in a pile ~ was it ~ did it ~ end up with He loves Me or did it end in He Loves Me not…guess it is left up to you how this ends…but for me I know he loves me as my sweet sexy hubby tells me and shows me each and every day…SOOOO there are 10 commons and one Rare as I will let you go and see it only costs 35L per pull you can try over and over again and the Rare is a really nice couple one..my apology that hubby was not one while I was working but you will see the pic at the machine of all the poses for you to try and win…Great job to the creators of {Aplomb} for this pose/prop ~ it is a keeper ~

And the gorgeous shredded top am wearing is also a Gacha from +Kawaii Whore where each top does include all standard Mesh sizes from xs to L…There are 20 Commons and 1 Rare ~ make sure you check their machine out at 75L per pull and all the images I see you will not be disappointed at any of the ones you receive…how can you go wrong for a super cute top for upcoming summer ~ it is adorable and another keeper for my inventory…

Remember this Gacha Event at The Clubhouse only lasts till the 22nd so again I wouldn’t procrastinate too long …Need a ride well alrighty click here  ~ thank you again to the Designers/Creators for allowing me to show off your items…and my fellow readers and followers thank you for taking the time to read my post it is always very very appreciated…will be back shortly for more stuff from The Clubhouse ~ hugzz

the clubhousea

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