Help me Find my Way …. please

Trying to find my way out of the forest as I stumble and have to use all my senses besides my eyes as the blindfold forbids me to ~ my travels took me to the DarkSide where a handsome stranger said he had a gift just for me~ but only if I let him place a blindfold on me yet sadly was a trick as now it will stay till the spell wears off…as you can see I did received his gift ~ a glorious gown and head piece that will show you as Starr took a pic of me in it to remember never take gifts from strangers…

Beyond Persuasion Exclusive

The gown feels so exquisite on you can tell as I run my hands down the length and know that it fits all my curves ~ the back piece really sets it off as am told by a passerby ~ comments from I must be a wicked queen to questions did someone put a spell on me…yet the dress is the exclusive item that is call Eternal Night Begins with Lust...wearing the dress does make me feel like a Queen and from comments it is stunning, elegant and worthy of any queen of the darkness ~ don’t you agree?

Headpiece & Necklace

Letting my hands explore the headpiece and necklace am amazed at all the detail in the structure of the horns ~ their points are sharp but beads are hanging down and also coming onto my forehead ~ across the top of my scalp there are more sharp steel points that forbid me to try and remove ~ my hands touch the necklace as it feels like fine crafted lace yet cannot identify the material it is made of ….

As the spell slowly wears off I will remember how I looked blindfolded and dress in the stunning gown ~ the gown can be purchased without the spell of course at the DarkSide Event just look for Beyond Persuasion but you better hurry only 2 yes 2 days left to purchase any of these exclusives….hurry hurry here is your ride to get there ~ now I must wait in darkness till the blindfold comes off…

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