Out in the Desert w/Ollies Follies

Took a couple days off from blogging just to get some downtime as with all events you want to show off as much as possible ~ as I do love doing events because you are introduced to various vendors with so many attractive items to show all my readers..but on the other hand it is a lot more work at least for me because am just not one that takes images and that is basically it ~ my style of blogging as well as with Dena is we like to chat it up and tell you about the item ~ is it their exclusive or what ~ we want you first let you know as much as possible about this without getting too too chatty but it really helps when the vendors provide details for us ~ I really love the notecards that give us all the information that I can provide to you and if there is no details we will go to the event look in the stores and make sure for the most part we get as much info we can…I will apologize that at times our time frame does not allow us to go back and forth as RL does grab us…now let me show you what O.F. has more to offer at the DarkSide~

Ollies Follies ~ Clea Gown Aqua Candle 

This gorgeous gown is stunning and Ollies Follies has given us a chance to show it off to you ~ yes will repeat myself because it truly hugs the body showing off all those great curves and love the material/texture in this creation…the color just compliments your skin tones and as I stand out in this desert heat I really know this dress will be a keeper in my inventory…moves well, fits well and looks absolutely gorgeous on ~ big big suggestion is go to the Darkside and look up her store and grab this gown while you can…here is your ride… ~

Please stick around as Dena has her turn showing off an exclusive from this event..you won’t wanna miss it

EBP Dark Side



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