This is How I Roll….

Well that is not exactly what the shirt says but its how I roll LOL ~ just joking and it is a cute long sleeve cropped t-shirt that is the exclusive from <Trashed> at the DarkSide Event, which if you are doing a countdown the event has only 11 more days and then poof it goes for another year so quit waiting around cuz there are bargains to be had and exclusives to be grabbed like this one…

Exclusive from <Trashed>

Ummm think my dogs are on steroids they got way bigger over night *giggling* sheesh not sure what they been eating but woah gotta cut back on their snacks or something…anyway back to <Trashed> has this shirt “How We Roll” as their exclusive and it  comes in 5 different sizes am sure one will fit you perfect…also they have a very nice “Chained dress” for their 10L gift ~ am sure you will want to pick up both so let me give you my taxi to take you there ~ click here  

Thank you to Karma Damour owner of <Trashed> for letting me show off this cute t-shirt…will be going in my keeper inventory *grinning*…

Ooooh yes before I forget am also using the pose “Bewitched 1” that Indigo is offering at Darkside ~ I like the fact their poses are copy mod too…thank you Indigo Nouveau owner and creator of Indigo…make sure you check them out as well

Stick around as we keep showing what Darkside as to offer….hugzz

EBP Dark Side


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