Hanging around~ Waiting for my Date

Hi its Dena the other half of this blog ~ Starr does let me talk now and then *giggling* no really we do share this I just am not as good but am learning a lot ~ anyway let me show you one of the exclusive items from +Facepalm+ that is featured at the DarkSide Event

+Facepalm+ Exclusive 

This outfit is called Cora and is only at DarkSide as one of their exclusives ~ so wearing this outfit just came into its own..the Dazzle bracelets that wrap around the arm and the Dazzle earrings adding a little glamour are the order of the day as most of the outfit comes with appliers the skirt is mesh just adding that right touch to it ~ several sizes that will fit your shape perfectly…notice the shoes do you well they are added bonus with this…


The shoes with their bright metallic shine to it really just add that needed touch especially when my date has yet to show up…ooh yes and my tootsies look stellar don’t they…let me show you close up of my fingernails and the dazzle bracelets…

!TLB Nail polish 

The polish is a deep red from !TLB *The Little Bat* which come in 8 great colors for slink hands…

Thank you to +Facepalm+ and !TLB for letting me show their items to you ~ please take time to visit their stores as I know both of them have a nice 10L gift for you ~ as for me not sure what it means but I think this clown is DEAD……sheesh think that is a big hint for him not gonna show up…oh yeah btw like this it is from Deadpool that also has some amazing items as well at DarkSide but that lamp with the *gulp* hanging clown is the 10L gift from them…Sorry gotta go think am not gonna hang around waiting anymore…ciao !

EBP Dark Side


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