Today it is all about EYES~ Inkheart

If you noticed on our page we have a new sponsor, which is Inkheart~ am pleased this was all because of Dena’s post about Inkheart earlier ~ really is nice when a vendor is pleased how you present their items…and happily we are both here to tell you about an ongoing hunt they are one of the sponsors for ~ It is a Fame & Fortune Hunt   that has some interesting prizes ~ this hunt  is “Because everybody dreams with fame and fortune or at least with one of them! There is no specific theme for this hunt. This hunt is for both in-world and marketplace stores. Hunt Gifts: Female, Male and Unisex gifts.”  Runs from 15th of April to 15th of May so there is plenty of time ~ now what is interesting is there are two ways to do this hunt either at the stores or on Marketplace ~ cost of the prize is 1L ~ Dena will be showing off the prize from Inkheart ~ the clue if you are at the store is “I can’t stop eating cupcakes” but will let you find the one on Marketplace…so lets show off some of those gorgeous eyes…

Fame & Fortune ~ Regular 
Fame & Fortune Mesh 


Hades ~ Emerald 

These are their classic eyes that I love the color and the nice catch lights that reflect…but are you looking for drama because InkHeart also creates eyes that screams that so let me show you

Inkheart-Medusa ~ Dragon
Medusa ~ Dragon 

Their Medusa collection has some great selections that I urge you to try on ~ really changes your look as well and seeing I have never really gotten that close up to any dragons am sure they nailed them…these are really good quality eyes and will not blow out your Linden budget…

Dena and I both thank Inkheart for letting us become part of your blogging team and we do hope you readers and followers will go check out their eyes ~ thank you


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