Oval Does it Up Right w/All That Jazz

This time set my calendar not to be late and still running around and arriving barefoot for another stellar performance at Oval Theater but no one noticed at least I am hoping not..but once seated I put the finishing touches on ~ sat back ready to relax and enjoy the next hour filled with music, wonderful sets and talented performers…

Oval Theatre 

Going to give you the LM right away so you can save it in your favorites ~ here is your stretch limo   ~ maybe take a walk around their grounds or look inside the Theatre itself as they have done a grand job with the rebuilding ~ also if you look to your right you will see a performance schedule and oh my what shows they have lined up…


By myself today as Dena and hubby were off with RL stuff ~ but I still love coming here with the lights, the music and the whole thing as I love wearing the gowns ~ anyway on with my show review…

All That Jazz

From the opening number to the closing we were in for some real treats ~ the dancers outdid themselves and the costumes and sets oh my ~


You just had to set in your chair and be enthralled by all what was going on stage…and before I go further my huge, huge kudo’s goes out to Othon Weiland Nootan this time as he had that “show must go on attitude” even though there was a major costume mess up due to SL he never let it stop him from belting out his tune…oh I know you want pics of that but I rather just compliment him for never wavering ~ BRAVO Othon !!


The stage sets were just over the top as you can see in this number featuring Red…one of the few female cast members ~


My apologies that I didnt keep up with the pics and the songs but I just love love this song along with the gorgeous set…


And as good ole Sinatra sang I did it my way was when I just had to stop taking pics and really listen to the music and watch the performers ~ even listening to the audience comments with one avid fan “Anton” that was doing high kicks in his chair and loving every moment of the performance…Again such over the top performance that please take time to find out if there is a performance you wanna see and make it a point to go and see…there is a repeat performance of this upcoming Tuesday sooo try and make it…oh yes here is a list of the tunes you will hear ~ but for the rest who does what or how fantastic the sets will be well you just gotta come and see…

All that Jazz Songlist

So to all the cast members, the director, the producer and everyone involved I stand and applaud you again and say bravo, bravo ~ take a bow each of you deserve it…Thank you!

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