Taking the Beach by storm with DarkSide

Going to Black Basalt Beach to show off items from the  DarkSide Event ~ never been there please let me give you the LM to go and check it out ~  something unique for these two gorgeous gowns ~ and yes both are truly gorgeous ~ instead of just rambling on and on let me show you ~ first is the EXCLUSIVE from K Creations ~ and I love how low the back of the dress goes just giving you a tiny peek of your bum…

K Creations Exclusive ~ Cruella Dress 

See how nice and low it goes with very thin straps ~ wanting to show you a nice side look as the front is very covered ~ sleek and really hugz your body all the way down but gives enough room at the bottom that this dress would be perfect out dancing…and knowing that I rather not get sand in my shoes I will apologize not showing the other exclusive ~ but please do not limit yourself and not check K Creations store out at the Darkside event so you can see the pair of Curella Shoes and this gorgeous Cruella Gown…will be a keeper in my gown folder ~ thank you KadhyneK for letting me show off this…

BPd ~ Exclusive  ~ Lust 

This is Beyond Persuasion designs EXCLUSIVEand how fitting is this gown with the theme of this event ~ as they have explained in their words ~ “Judgement of the deadly sins of hell is Lust and Vanity” and the outfit is Lust ~ with horns, the sheer back piece, necklace and a blindfold ~ really giving it a very dramatic and stunning look ~ so much that I had to give you a closer look at the accessories…

Horns, Necklace, Blindfold 

The say an image expresses so much for and looking at the texture of the horns, how detailed the necklace is along with the nice wrapped blindfold…not much more I can say..

BPd also has provided an exclusive for the men that I urge you men or females to really go and check out their store at the DarkSide event … as another new shop that I will be looking at ~ thank you to Dragon and Elizabet for also letting me show off this gorgeous gown…

Both gowns are there for you to take this LM and purchase ~ as exclusive they will be gone after the event so why wait go now…here is your RIDE

EBP Dark Side

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