Showing More Darkside

Waves as I pull out some great goodies to show you ~ half way through this event and still have lotz more to open and let you see ~ Remember DarkSide runs till the end of month and some of these are exclusives that just might be gone forever if you do not get them now…Up first is a very sexy outfit that could be used for RP, or just to entice well you see and you be the judge what you would be doing wearing this…

Pink Ice Nadis

Ok ok guys don’t drool too much as I told hubby he can always ask for me to wear this hawt very exposed number ~ comes with appliers and there are 2 ways to wear this dress as it also has an attachment for a skirt but thought I would show you the extreme version…oooh la la huh ~ it is from Pink Ice ~ has to show you how the back looked as well ~ be sure to check their store out at the do not wanna miss getting this one..

Grumble Devious Heels 

As I am wearing one of the items that Grumble is offering ~ a pair of their Devious Heels, which are specifically for Slink High ~ don’t you just look the lace up detailing on the back of the heel ~ and going with the theme has those skull patterns for texturing …very nice

Meowpolitan Cat Monocle

Lastly the adorable monocle from Meowpolitan and wanted you to see the eye piece up close with the cats face staring back at you ~ how ingenious and this will be a keeper that you just might see me wearing in the near future…again I chose a different color from Livias Deep Crushing Lipstick collection this one is called “Chocolate” 

From the monocle, the lipsticks, and the hawt outfit how can you not take a visit to the DarkSide and have a perv around…remember most stores & vendors have a nice 10L gift for you ~ here is that limo ride so you can get there 

EBP Dark Side

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