Its all about the DarkSide…

Ooooh the goodies I just found made me come back right away ~ giggling to myself and have to give the creators of these items a big round of applause cuz I truly love them…ok ok so at times I have a morbid sense of humor but remember it is the DarkSide event and Deadpool truly outshined on this…

Deadpool Exclusive & 10L gift 

First I do have to gush over the packaging which I truly love that cute little donkey sitting beside me is Deadpool’s packaging ~ love love it!  First shows great creativity and that made me smile ~ now poor clown that is just um hanging there well he is their 10L gift..aptly named “Dead Light” hehehe as most are freaked about clowns could say nothing like a dead one hanging around…the bench with the guy that kept waiting and waiting for her perfect SL girlfriend well guess that didn’t happen but the bench and him are Deadpool’s exclusive item for this event…the bench comes with poses and you really need to try some ~ why because a couple are rather funny….Now fluffing up my hair that comes from Tameless, which is their exclusive “Julieta” am wearing one of the “Fades” color…my top comes from Grumble which does come with appliers ~ stop by their store it is called “underworld shirt” that is either in black or grey…those Dass pants are fitted giving a great look as I love the high waisted look with the cinch around belt as part of Glitch‘s offering at this event…lastly decorating my toes and nails are Dark Passions Koffin Nails that I chose blood red of Raven Wings…so many goodies and big thank you to again Deadpool, Tameless, Glitch, Grumble and Dark Passions for allowing me to show off these items…so my readers are you enjoying this event as much as we are….the month is almost half over and remember you have till the 30th to grab up all the exclusives as they will be disapearing after this event….grab this taxi right now right here and goooo 

EBP Dark Side

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