Double Dose of us today ~ Lushish Catz

This is a dual post with Dena and myself but first I wanna say huge kudo’s to all the designers, and also the other bloggers that are covering this Darkside event…love doing events as you see such a nice variety of things ~ not just the clothes but all ~ even the builds and how unique they are ~ working on a big event takes a lot of work all around especially as a blogger you want to get all the details correct for each vendor’s items you show off ~ I really enjoy the notecards that each vendor sends along with the items detailing what is what ~ thank you for that …and now to show off Lushish Catz ~ a pair of very sexy lingerie…

Clary & Bella 

Dena on the left is wearing Lushish Catz “Clary” and let me have her describe this gorgeous set for you “This is a very pretty set with cutaway bra and hipster style panties.. and the flower trim give it a very feminine look” also comes with a nice set of pearls that will show you a closeup of ….as you can see the set am wearing comes with stockings, wings and also a very pretty necklace … both sets comes with appliers that will fit any mesh type body you own…

Dena & myself showing off Lushish Catz Exclusive

My hubby also agrees on how gorgeous and sexy both outfits are ~ as he sat and watched us set this up ~ very very nice which either one you choose ~

Pearl Necklace ~ Clary

This is the 3 string pearl necklace that comes included with the Clary outfit…and really compliments the set…

Angel Wing necklace ~ Bella 

A very pretty silver set of wings along with the pearls that sits nicely on the neck…

Remember to go see Darkside Event ~ lot of vendors, gacha’s to see and most vendors also have a 10L gift in their store as well…Darkside will end at the end of the month ~ thank you to Kayshia Aristocrat for giving us the honor of showing off her exclusive items..Need a ride to the event please click here 

EBP Dark Side

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