Enjoying Broadway at The Oval…

As I mumble to myself because was running late and Dena telling me to hurry and dress or we won’t be able to get a seat at Oval ~ all their shows fill up and with just 10 minutes to spare we sat higher up this time as our usual front row seats were taken…but still the view is good from any angle

Sitting at Oval 

There is no dress code most of the time but Dena and I feel going to the theater should be special and try to dress accordingly ~ and you can see Dena in her gorgeous red gown looking very special as I did a mix and match with a long skirt and long sleeved top…today’s performance was Broadway and could not wait to hear the music and see the sets they chose


I know my pics do not do this set justice at all ~ with everything sparkling and the dancers with their fabulous head pieces just was entranced as they chose well for an opening number…WOW !!!

Sound of Music 

Some tunes I was unfamiliar with but when this came on from the Sound of Music was all I could do and sit back and enjoy ~ do you remember this in the movie or play ~ I do …

Biggest Little Whorehouse

Oh what a great tune with Dolly singing her heart out ~ just love love the costume and the setting for this number…bravo!!


Again many well known and some unknown Broadway tunes but each one was done with style, class and imagination ~

Lion King 

Am sure everyone recognizes which play this came from ~ the audience went into a clapping frenzy over this and I was one of them…

There were many more songs to see and hear and the entire cast did such a fantastic job, which is why I keep coming back again and again ~ they never yet have failed to disappoint me ~ and having done a performance couple years back I know exactly well not exactly but pretty much how much work goes into this entire performance that everyone has a huge part in making it a success ~ choices are made, cast is set and scenes are erected and as we watch it looks like it is seamless but am sure they are making adjustments and scrambling around ~ and I stand to applaud each member of the Oval Theater Cast ~ bravo for again putting on such a fantastic performance ~THANK YOU ~ if you have not made it to one of their performance WHY NOT ~ it is a fun time to sit and relax, sip on some champagne, listen to some great music and just enjoy yourself ~ it is a free event so why not check them out…

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