Dena shows off Blasphemic

Waves hello to everyone ~ its me Dena the other half of this blog as Starr and I double team using the same blog for us it is easier and she is there to help me out ~ today Starr and I have been traveling around SL to find some interesting places rather than take them all at the studio ~ but at times it is quick and less distracting when you are showing off items of clothing ~ today we are at a location that Starr got from a friend called The Cyprian Garden here is the LM if you are interested in checking it out…

Blasphemic Exclusive Kaedalyn 

Ooooh la la huh ~ this very smexy catsuit is Blasphemic’s exclusive for the DarkSide event and has just some great cut outs to show off them sexy curves in all the right places…This outfit does use appliers and really looks and fits perfect…the netting frontage shows off your breasts just enough but still leaves plenty covered to keep them guessing…traveling downward oh yes move your eyes to the front with the detailing lacing ~ gives it a uber hot HOT look…Blasphemic has a really nice butterfly hip tattoo for their 10L gift but as the placement of where it is located am going to let you use your imagination for the moment till you grab it up and see ~ very nice delicate tat that rest oh so close to a lower private area ~ giggling and thinking maybe just maybe Starr will show off that tat ~ again am wearing that gorgeous Berry lipstick from Livia ~ really makes your lips oh so kissable..both of these items are at DarkSide ~ and my thank you goes out to Kala Allstar owner of Blasphemic for allowing me to show this sexy catsuit off…please make sure you visit her store at Darkside

Hair which is a group gift from “Little Bones” and not part of the event ~ but just went so well with this outfit…

Much more to show off for you so stick around as I think it is Starr’s turn coming up ~ for now see you soon ~ waves

EBP Dark Side


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