Showing off Kingswood & Codex….

Waves hello to everyone ~ Dena was stepping in a lot for me while I took care of some RL stuff but am back and just love the next things I have to show you ~ before I do have to give huge Thank You to both Dena and my sexy hubby for always there for me and xtra ones to Dena for stepping up ~ means a lot…so now onto more exclusives and 10L gifts

Codex Exclusive 

These black swan earrings are the Exclusive for Codex and I love the look ~ sleek and very unique ~ can you see how the stretched out neck of the swan goes through your ear letting the wing stand out…stunning ~

Kingswood 10L 

Yes cannot decide if you are angel or devil this shirt is for you and a cute 10L gift from Kingswood ~ really not gender specific so men you could grab this there are plenty of sizes to choose from…hey 10L and you have a very adorable t-shirt…

Kingswood Exclusive 

Oh I could really see wearing this on those colder spring nights all snuggled up next to hubby plus looks like the shirt possibly would really be his style and I know as sweet as he is that he would love me wearing this simply perfect nightshirt and look fits well as there are enough sizes to choose from along with the panties that just slide right on with the shirt…love love the look ~ now you can choose to put on the stockings that are non mesh but have a variety of appliers for you making the overall look even sexier…add possibly a pair of stiletto’s to entice that special someone and ooooh la la…with or without the stockings this Exclusive will be something I will be wearing on those nights hubby and I share in front of the fireplace for our casual stay in nights…

Remember to take the a trip down to this event even just to walk around ~ really a great build love the look of all the gacha machines and lotz and lotz of 10L gifts to save on your budget…thank you again for all my readers and followers ~ hugzz till next time

EBP Dark Side

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